Constant pickers wear big knickers

This is what they say and it’s true. I prepare food and pick as I go along, the kids food is sitting there a few bits of chicken left or chips and I can’t bear to throw out so I eat them, I open something for the kids and I sample it before I give it to them or help them out by eating all the little broken bits.

I know this is what I do but how do I stop?????

It’s hard you just have to not pick at anything or have some carrot sticks on hand if I need to nibble but best is to just go cold turkey and better to not nibble at anything.

This was my brekkie some nice frozen fruit heated up on the pan then mix in some museli and seeds and some natural yogurt over the top yum like a berry crumble.

I am taking control back trying not to nibble and back to my workouts and class. We did some pole and some silks this was a hard one you have to fling yourself over to the side let curl in and the silk should hold you took me a while.

Back to T25, running and insanity workouts as well as some weights but due to the awful weather only got out once. Have dropped a few pounds and stomach muscles getting tighter my stomach was killing me by the end of the week they were some tough workouts.

Made some chickpea treats.

Soak chickpeas overnight then boil for an hours.

Put in oven and roast for 40 mins approx

Melt some dark choc mix the chickpeas in and with spoon put them on a tray you can then sprinkle some chai seeds pumpkin seeds or coconut flakes over whatever you want a food choc fix which in low in fat and high in protein and crunchy and easy to make.

Finally got my hair done always boosts my confidence and makes me feel good if only it lasted.


I’m back

So you may have noticed I disappeared for a few weeks and no I didn’t die and someone has stolen my identity.

I had this really bad flu that was going about completely knocked me for six. Never had flu so bad completely killed my energy and appetite, felt so unwell and so lethargic. Being a single mom is no fun, even when your sick you have to drag yourself out of bed, make your kids presentable, make sure they have what they need, fed and then drive them to school. Hard enough when you are well but when you feel like you have been hit by a bus it’s horrendous.

So I was off for 2 weeks, house was a mess, I was a mess, didn’t wash for days, I even went outside with no make up this is a first for me never have I done this but I felt so unwell I didn’t care and didn’t have the energy to put on any make up.

For 2 weeks I loved my jammies, my sunglasses to hide my black eyes and lack of make up and my ugg boots especially as we had the big snowfall as well, I ran out of oil before the big snow and storm and Cara had the chicken pox really bad too.

So I managed to keep us warm, fed and get Mya to school and home again, that’s all that matters.

I didn’t get to have any fun in the snow and it’s the most we’ve had for years. I didn’t get to exercise which was fine first week as I felt so nauseous second week I have just pigged out especially ending with My mums birthday, Mother’s Day and Mark’s birthday.

We had fun with fruit and managed a walk in the last of the snow once I got some energy back.

Saturday was the first day I felt better and actually wanted to get up and to exercise I even woke early as well and felt motivated again to clean the house (on my god) I know haven’t been up for cleaning for months and also had to leave Cara to a party.

Made my mum and Mark a joint birthday cake death by chocolate fudge cake omg it was amazing recipe from


Mother’s Day was amazing I had all of my girls with me breakfast made for me, beautiful hand made cards and gifts.

The best gift of all is just being a mother, I love my girls so much they are my world and I would do anything for them. Yes it would be nice for someone to arrange something for me for Mother’s Day make me a meal, take me out for one, arrange some spa treatments but the best presents are always the home made gifts and the kisses and hugs that keep you going everyday.

To all the mums, single mums and grandmothers who are doing it the second time around, being a mother is a hard job especially on your own but so rewarding that bond with your kids and watching they grow as you nurture them and provide for all their needs and can look at them and know that you created these amazing kids and made them into what they are today.

Everyday is Mother’s Day.

Over indulgence done, recovery from sickness, energy levels and mood back up, motivation back up and fat cells restored to above normal.

Back to healthy diet and exercise again recon I’ve put on weight feeling uncomfortable in my clothes being on spring and summer so I can get outside breath in the air and take in the sun rays. Last week the sun was out but all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet sick of the snow need some heat and sunshine, playing in the garden, trips to beach and lots of fun.

So hopefully I will get back on track with life take back control and show you how you too can take control and change your mindset and diet.

Day ????? Whatever?????

I was doing so well but then I’ve had a chest infection it’s so cold so just want to and need to eat to keep warm and keep energy up of course can’t get an appointment to see the doctor as they now only release appointments at 9am every morning you can no longer arrange appointments in the future ridiculous so exercise has been hard with coughing and not being able to breath as well.

So motivation and energy has been up and down. Feeling low and just want to stay in bed all day but can’t as I have 2 kids who have to go to school and a job to go to so I can keep a roof over my head.

So what have I been at well Valentines we went to #boulderworld #apolloroad #belfast first time did well but lost grip fell and hurt my ankle frozen peas on it later as I couldn’t walk it was fun though no ropes just fall and roll onto the bouncy floor not for the lighthearted was quite scary.

we then went to #eatstreet in Belfast #vegan restaurant food nice no real atmosphere though needs some work and was quite expensive for what we had which was a pulled pork style veggie burger and 2 salads

We then had #risotto for tea love risotto used to think what was the point just rice but it’s amazing just some risotto rice some chopped onions a splash of wine and stock Cubs then at the end when it thickens you add the grated Parmesan so creamy and yum. Prefer red onions so much nicer and added in some leftover sweet potato you can chuck anything in to be honest meat or veg I love just mushrooms.

So in terms of weight loss I’m at a stand still but am trying to get out running at least once a week and up before kids in the morning to do a workout it’s just getting into a routine.

#wrecked #singlemom #fitnessmotivation #t25 #beachbody #running

Day 15 diet

#pancake day #valentines


Simple recipe

1 cup plain flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

you can buy heart shaped pans or use a cookie cutter put on pan and pour in he mixture until it sets



#pancake heart shaped

#avacado sliced on top #scrambled egg slice of #maplebacon some more scrambled eggs #maple syrup and some #pumpkin seeds

good fats good sugars small portion of carbs and good protein

Happy pancake day and #valentines

i got got lots of pressies but this was the best from my beautiful #daughter Mya

Valentines isn’t about having a partner to take you out on a fancy date it’s about #love the love from #friends, #children, #family and most importantly love from #yourself remember you are never alone you can have a coffee on your own, go to the cinema or for a meal on your own you need to love yourself and your own company in order to be open to having a successful relationship



#Homemade cards #magnet made from stone from date on beach some wooden letter from #ebay and a magnet on backimage

#homemade biscuits

#photos of amazing memories you shared


#roseplant rather than flowers as these will grow and flourish the same as your love for each other an expensive bouquet of roses will die within a week

#surprise her with something she’s always wanted or somewhere she’s always wanted to go #designerbag #paris etc she will never forget and it shows you do really listen to her

#a #teddy sprayed with your partners fav aftershave or perfume something to snuggle up to at night when they are not there

#jewellery doesn’t have to be a ring but a nice piece of #sparkle makes every girl happy I love #pandora #argento lovely sparkly #rings #necklaces #earrings #bracelets often have sets so you can buy for valentines then another piece for her #birthday or #mothers day

#fav brekkie in bed or homemade meal at home and remember to dress up candles etc

#loveletter telling them why you love them so much and realise the things you don’t do for the other person and how you couldn’t live without them

Most importantly tell them you love them and give them a big #hug and #kiss

Day 11 Diet

Day 11 the weight is dropping off right?

Suffering from depression I find the winter so hard so tired, can’t get up in the morning, not getting enough sleep and just binge out at night.

This snacking has to stop it is bringing me down I need to take control.

brekkie was mixed berries in the pan mixed with nuts, seeds cinnamon and some yogurt on top.

lunch was a #salmon #salad at #M&S good protein and fat content


I can’t remember what tea was I’m a few days behind haven’t been feeling good chest infection low energy.

Day 12 diet

had my normal healthy brekkie some fruit and yogurt bit of cereal, nuts, dates and seeds and cinnamon

Lunch was a healthy omlette

Tea I made a chicken curry dish surprisingly the #kids loved it had with #basmati rice so much nicer it doesn’t swell up like white rice and is nutty. Some natural yogurt, poppedoms and mango chutney.

Recipe I will share later nice and healthy and tasty


Day 13 diet

We had our weekend treat of pancakes for brekkie, a walk then No lunch ooops I know bad


we ended up going out and ended up in #pizzahut we had #prawns for starter healthy then a #veggie #thinscrustpizza between us and I only had 2 slices. So if you are going for pizza go for thin crust and try to just have a few slices and add a salad eAses the #guilt.

When having treats at weekend or when your treat day is or it’s a special occasion take it easy And don’t go overboard if having a dessert try And have. Healthy dinner like fish or if going for pizza, curry, pasta try to do with the fatty sides and don’t have dessert.

So cause I then missed lunch I ended up overdoing the #snacking felt sick and bloated and crap about myself so no more of it. This is what happens when you don’t have a healthy meal and skip meals, if you don’t get this right you will never lose weight.


Day 14 Diet

had a yogurt, some nuts and seeds trying to be good

didn’t have snack

lunch a # salad with #broccoli #baby potato #tomatoes #fried #hallumi cheese #cashews #leaves #leftoverchicken #sundriedtomatoes


Tea was a #stirfry veg with #prawns some lemon juice salt tomato purée coriander and garlic and some natural yogurt


Cup of honey and lemon before bed to help my throat no snacks yeah can I keep it up now??????

Day 10 diet

Day 10

Brekkie my normal #yogurt #museli #natural yogurt #cinnamon #chaiseeds #walnuts #pumpkinseeds #yum #dessertforbrekkie

lunch was just some salad consisting of

#salad leaves #tomatoes #brocolli #avacado #scallions #celery #lemon&oliveoil

not much in the fridge so I found some veggie sausages so made a sausage and apple #casserole


Was yum #kidsloved it as the #veggiesausages didn’t know they weren’t meat and loved the onions and apples


Day 9 diet

Usual brekkie I know how boring but it’s like having dessert in the morning I’ve eaten this for years I’m addicted.

Lunch was just some veg and salad

So couldn’t be bothered

Tea needed to be quick as I have my class and homework etc to get done so had some yummy #chickenherb fillets from #tesco #reduced section I know how to shop had some lightly cooked carrots and beans with it and I made my own #healthycoleslaw

The coleslaw can be made up of anything finely chopped or grated I had



Sugarsnap peas

Some pumpkin seeds

Some cashew nuts

Lettuce finely chopped

Dressing lemon juice, salt and olive oil

Add some natural or Greek yogurt to give it that creamy taste and texture

#gaveblood #savelives #blood #giveblood

Did my class was feeling good and #flexible #aerial #aerialsilks #strong #silks #upperbody #russianclimb

Feeling more toned definitely but weight not budging just yet struggling with night time #snacking before bed and #nibbling during teatime need more #willpower

Did have some nice #corn snacks now my choice of snacks #love 🌽