Healthy peanut butter cookies

Foodie Friday

Natural sugar flourless peanut butter cookies

Made with oats instead of flour

Made with honey instead of sugar

Peanut butter instead of butter

Verdict kids loved them and I are most of them

They were like flake meal cookies loved them and will def Male again just with different flavours such as

Apple and cinnamon

Dark choc chip cookies

Nut and seed

Maple and pecan




Whatever your fav flavour just chuck it in

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Amped up run

My Friday workout was a run now I haven’t been for a run in 3 weeks

So didn’t know how it would go but tried my new products AMPED™ Nitro which is supposed to fuel your workouts, now I have tried all of those glucose shots and drinks which taste disgusting and just loaded with sugar. This stuff was like rocket fuel my legs felt like they didn’t belong to my body as they ran on in a sprinting stride and even knocked 3 minutes off my last time.

Well impressed with this products will definitely be reordering this one in my pack every month along with my tonics for stress energy and mental clarity and to build up my immune system and my protein shakes and bars.

Training sessions are tough enough, so Isagenix created AMPED Nitro, your new pre-workout solution, to provide energy, strength and focus so you can push harder, train better and go further in your workout. Whether you’re just getting started or are an elite athlete, AMPED Nitro is here to take your training to the next level.

Ultimate blend of targeted ingredients to help increase power, strength and speed

Informed Sport certified

You won’t find any artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners inside

Drink 15-30 minutes before exercising to fuel your workout

Refreshing watermelon flavor

soy-free gluten-free gluten-free gluten-free gluten-free

If you would like to order or want any more info on these amazing products just pm me

Mindfulness Monday

Don’t have time for Mindfulness

Then try this in the shower in the morning some multitasking to help you start tour day in the best possible way in a positive way

Why not try this and see how it makes you feel

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Protein banana seed bowl

Monday morning motivation

What’s the best way to start the day why with a shake of course

I was never into protein shakes even though I’ve always exercised and was never into building muscles but on my quest for the best health and weight management I now take a protein shake and have added protein snacks to my diet as well as weightlifting.

If you want a lean body and not to put on weight building lean muscle on your body will not only make you look leaner as muscle is smaller than fat but it will also speed up your metabolism and help you burn calories much quicker for weight maintenance

My choice of protein products are from

Isagenix as their products have the best ingredients, quality assured, free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

The shake I had this morning is a meal replacement with the perfect balance of 24g undenatured whey protein, essential carbohydrates, fats, minerals and 8g fibre under 240 calories and will contribute to growth of muscle mass

People also think protein shakes are for bodybuilders but no these shakes are amZing for your health giving you a very easy way to get all of your vitamins in through a tasty shakes rather than a mixture of vitamin tablets whose quality and content is so poor to actually make any difference. The shakes are formulated by scientists and dieticians to give you optimum health and performance in whatever you do throughout the day whether it’s a workout, looking after kids or working an office job these are a perfect solution in a business world packed with unhealthy convenience food.

These shakes are packed with







Vit B6 B3 B2 B1

Vit A B C D E

Folic acid


What price do you put on your health? Take the stress and hassle out of your diet by adding these amazing products that will fuel your body preventing fatigue, craving sugar, storing fat and will give you not only physical energy but also mental energy.

If you would like more info on the shakes or any of the other products just pm me or comment info below

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Protein bowl of goodness

Love food anyone else?

So yesterday I made my own homemade nut butter slightly different than before and my youngest said it was amazing so added some to my amazing protein bowl this morning.

So I tried the vegan protein powder but have to say the whey one is better a lot thicker for a start so great for smoothie bowls so I just mixed the protein powder up with water blended it added it to the bowl then added some frozen berries, chai seeds and my seed mix of toasted sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds as well as my home made nut butter was so delicious and kept me full and energised packed with 24g if protein as well as loads of your essential minerals and vitamins.

For more of my delicious recipes go to or buy a personalised nutritional plan from

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Nuts about nut butter & balls

Do I love my food yes I do

I love nuts love the omega3 which is amazing for your mental health why I have nuts and seeds on nearly everything I eat

So this nut butter was different as I added a bit of oil and coconut oil to the usual mix

Have a go at making your own you can add different flavours so you can use

Vanilla extract

Almond extract

Salted caramel extract which I added to this one

Maple syrup




Whatever your flavour is add it with an extract or sauce

The protein balls are so yum yum

There are lots of ways to make these I used dates as the main base and also oats then you add in nuts or peanut butter or coconut oil

You can then add nuts, seeds, syrups etc to whatever flavour you like they are a great source of omega3 and protein so great for the whole family so this batch made 15 and the great thing is you can store in the freezer and will satisfy those sweet cravings you have too

For more yummy recipes go to if you would like a nutritional plan go to

Healthy Protein Oats

Workout Wednesday

What do you need after a great workout to fuel you through the rest of your day

Porridge is always a great option after a workout and to set you up for the day here why

Boosts your mood

Provides energy

Promotes mental health & wellbeing

Immunity boosting

Fills you up and prevents you overeating

Strengthens teeth and bones

Helps with muscle recovery after exercise

One of the highest protein levels of any grain

Packed with fibre

Stabilises blood sugars and may reduce the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure

100 % natural

Contains many vitamins, iron, antioxidants

It is delicious, quick and easy to make and the what you can make from it are endless

Overnight oats

Porridge with a huge variety of toppings

Oat and seed bars

Oat pancakes, muffins and waffles

Protein balls

I use it in my pizza base


The possibilities are endless one of my staples in my larder.

If you would like a nutritional plan go to or. For more recipes go to

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Home workouts work for everyone

Want a tight toned body without having to leave the house then give me a shout. I am a single mum used to be obsessed with running but as a single mum I couldn’t get out as I had a toddler at home.

So I did workout videos and weights and in the last year I have focused on weighttraining building a lean strong healthy body. I use kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands and ropes, core and barbell workouts all from the comfort of my own.

So no having to worry about how you will fit it in or who is going to look after your kids.

If you would like a PT session, get an online training plan you can use on your phone or laptop whether you’re at home or working away staying in hotels my workouts are perfect for you. Resistance bands and ropes are perfect for taking with you on holidays or if you work away and dont like gyms. Simple, effective without huge bills every month Go to my website to sign up for any of my services or pm me for more info

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Overnight oats berry smoothie

Another amazing day and amazing breakfast

overnight chai and oats mixed with a coconut 🥥 yogurt topped with some frozen berry smoothie and frozen berries

love the protein and the nutrition

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Overnight chai oats a pot of complete nourishment

So I did my cleanse day yesterday 24 hour fasting to clear out the toxins and fat so down a few lbs too so the best way to start the following day is with nourishment.

love overnight oats and chai seeds so simple to make night before ready to go in the morning filling and packed with so much nourishment for more info on cleansing or a nutritional plan go to

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