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10,000 hits and going strong

I can’t believe my little blog to help other single parents in their health and fitness goals, all the issues that come with being a single parent from career, money and debts to helping people deal with eating disorders, fertility problems, depression and anxiety.

My life has changed dramatically over the past 4 years from being married with 2 young kids with a steady job with all you benefits you could want to now being my own boss, setting up my personal training and nutrition business as well as my fashion boutique

My love of alternative therapies, after going through 3 years of counselling I discovered mindfulness and am now sharing with others, I have a course to do but shared some of my learnings a few weeks back at the #brownies #magherally

Taking some time out to connect our minds and bodies and learn to live in the moment and be grateful for what we have including mostly pets it would seem and a few mums and dads threw in there too.

My moodfit nutritional plans and my recipes which are designed to help boost your mood through the essential vit b range, omega range as well as a lot of others. Eating the right foods can have an amazing effect on the mind and the body.

I love food don’t know how I ever starved myself my fear of getting fat and not eating the right foods, now I love what I eat all of the fresh fruit and veg, natural sugar treats and the amazing nutritional system which gives me that added energy, mental clarity and ability to deal with stress I never thought I would ever experience as I couldn’t get this from food alone.

I am on my 2nd isabody challenge the last time I lost a lot of toxins through the cleansing days and it showed in my skin the colour, cellulite gone, more toned and lost weight I didn’t realise I had to lose until I saw the photos. This time around I am doing my diet and Isagenix nourishing tonics, snacks and shakes and concentrating on weight lifting, kettlebells, resistance and HIIT so cant wait for the final results. This is also a business I am building to help others to not only lose weight but gain so much nutrition and also make money at the same time. This was my first challenge.

I just love helping people giving them different and better solutions than taking tablets, there are so many other therapies, herbal remedies for all of life’s stresses and strains and if our bodies are healthy with the right nutrition then we just need to maintain and occasionally get a treatment done like acupuncture, do mindfulness everyday, positive affirmations there are so many things today if you want to achieve more than your 9to 5 job.

I just ant to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and been a part of this journey I do it all for these 2 amazing little girls who without my life would be a lot less stressful but also a less fun and filled with love.

So what’s next?

I will continue to build my brand with membership sites and programme, getting involved in the community to help educate people on the importance of health and fitness, the impact it has on our mental health as well as our future health.

I have joined up with an amazing social enterprise called purpose enterprises we want to be able to offer programmes into schools and workplaces to help deal with stress and the underlying cause of depression, anxiety and stress. By offering alternative therapies to help give people the skills to deal with stress and tools for their everyday life to help them succeed in all areas of life.

We want to build a sanctuary where we hope to be able to offer a range of holistic therapies, nutritional advice, exercise, counselling and more to try and tackle the issues of mental health before we have another suicide.

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So support us by donating or getting involved at #purposeenterprises

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Foodie Friday protein cookie dough mix

Foodie Friday

I made this for the first time yesterday and it should come with a warning is so addictive


Healthy style made with

1 tin chickpeas

1/2 cup peanut butter

2 tsp salted caramel extract

1 tbsp chia powder

1/2 cup cashews

1tbsp chia seeds

4 tbsp protein powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp salt

2 tbsp of coconut milk


Great for after a workout as a treat, I have hid mine in the freezer for when I need it

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Pancake Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone

It’s pancake day totally forgot this morning so no pancakes for brekkie so will have to do for supper

Pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy either you can make them dairy free and gluten free.

Try this recipe tonight for topping use maple syrup or honey or add cocoa to your mix try not to overdo the toppings this is where you can easily up the fat calories

Or if you want you can have savoury pancakes for lunch or dinner. Try this chickpea was recipe with or without the rest of the ingredients. Don’t let recipes restrict you if there is something I can’t or don’t want to eat in a r recipe I either take it out or replace with something I do like or a healthy alternative

So enjoy pancake day healthily and think about your transformation. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday so what is your weakness chocolate, crisps, cheese?????? Why not try and do without for 30 days and see if you can not give into the temptation it will make you stronger and give you more control over your diet to make the right decisions

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#pancakeday #shrovetuesday #health #nutrition #food #foodie #foodlover #lovefood #foodblogger #niblogger #mummy #mummies #momlife #mum #singlemom #kidsloveit #healthblogger #nutritionalist #personaltrainer #moodycowmum #moodfit #mood #energy

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Yummy Saturday healthy pizza treat 🍕

Saturday is always a night when we like to splurge but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy or high in fat.

I made at the kids request sweet potato crust pizza so healthy worth slow release carbs this will fill you up and is tasty and doesn’t make you want too eat the whole thing and fill up on salad as well.

I love to make my slaw I used kale spinach and rocket, grated cheese and carrots, grated red cabbage, brocolli, pumpkin seeds and nuts so almonds, pistachio or cashews for the dressing I use olive oil, salt, lemon juice and a bit of natural Greek yogurt. I also make my own sweet potato chips with a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil for 40 mins up high.

This is the recipe for my pizza base you too with tomato purée and a bit of passata then add your topping so I love cheese I love cheddar, Parmesan, Parmesan and goats cheese on it I also love mushrooms on it and occasionally pineapple when cooked I throw some rocket and sliced 🥑 so nutritious with lots of omega 3.

If you can’t be super healthy then try swapping your crust filled and thick crust for the thin crust, cut down the size of your pizza or cut down the number of slices you eat fill up on water not fizzy drinks and some nutritious salad.

Saturday night snacks make your own popcorn sprinkle a bit of salt, some spices nuts and seed or some lentil or quinoa crisps healthy plant protein and very light.

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Are energy drinks making you ill?????

Who is addicted to energy drinks?

Look at this and think again. So if you are drinking more than 1 of these drinks a day the lowest one you are nearly at your limit as it’s 3 spoonfuls for kids, 6 for women and 9 for men.

if you want a completely natural energy drink that doesn’t have sugar will actually make you feel amazing and you will not be addicted to sugars or have the jitters afterwards watch this clip to see the amazing ingredients

PM me if you want to know how you can get your hands on these and more amazing products that are amazing for weight loss, health and spots performance.

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Oh sweet sugar leave me alone

Anyone addicted to sugar??????

I think we all are and why????!

Basically the processed sugar, butter and icing sugar and processed chocolates are all full of additives that’s are addictive. When we eat these types of foods we get a fast burst of energy from the fats but unless we use up this energy we are left feeling tired and therefore crave more of this. Then we feel fat and guilty and become depressed and eat more anyone else felt like this and done this????? I know you all have.

So how do you stop this addiction. Cold turkey I’m afraid. I did and I thought I would collapse after one day and binge out but I didn’t.

What’s did I do? I replaced the processed sugars with natural sugars, making treats with protein powder, nut butters, oats and dried and fresh fruit. These will give you the sugar you need for energy but are also slow release so you will not get a sudden high and then feeling of fatigue and it will stabilise your sugars. It will also fill you up leaving you feeling satisfied and not wanting to eat more.

Why is sugar so bad for me?

Well for one it will make you fat unless you do lots of exercise, this fat will mess with your energy, levels, you could end up with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease is the fat builds up in your arteries, Harmon also problems, your teeth will fall out and I have heard so many stories about kids having to get their baby teeth pulled out because they are rotten and fought because of the sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks they consume.

So whose fault is it? Parents?????

Yes it is as we are the ones that are giving them the sweets. Do we really know the damage to our kids and our own bodies or are we ignoring this. Do parents know the long term damage they are doing to their kids by letting them eat this type of stuff on a daily basis. Sugar should not be their main source of energy and kids will fight with you to eat healthily however there are treats you can make that have natural sugars that will give them the sugar they need that are healthy and will actually contribute to their health rather than damage them and make them susceptible to long term chronic illnesses.

It is so easy I made some cookies for the kids just mashed a banana add some oats then raisins or cocoa or fruit to flavour them cooked in oven for 15 mins Delish it’s that easy and not expensive either.

So it’s up to the parents to lead by example and to learn about nutrition if you don’t want to end up with chronic disease and relying on tablets and living in hospitals. Personally I want to enjoy my life and be fit and healthy and have the same for my kids.

This is why I became a nutritionalist to learn more about our food and what our bodies need and don’t need and to make delicious healthy food for me and my kids.

Through purpose enterprises NI we will be dealing with some of these problems. Health and nutrition and it’s impact on mental health as well as stress, money issues, unemployment and suicide. To learn more check the social enterprise on social media we are putting our plans in place to tackle mental health at the root and not just accepting that medication is the only way as we have learnt it isn’t. There are so many services and therapies that are more effective in the long terms with no side effects apart from health and good mental health.

So make a change today ditch the processed sugars for good.

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Eating disorders week

So it is eating disorders week and we have a serious problem on our hands. I don’t just mean people starving themselves but overeating and becoming obese is even larger now.

I myself developed an eating disorder when I was 11. Why? I was very shy, had no confidence and thought I was fat. I was a bit chubby harmones etc while all my friends ate junk and were skinny. How I envied the clothes they wore while I struggled to get into jeans and hated wearing skirts even now I am still not happy with my legs hence why I am now doing weights I know make them bigger 🙈

So what did I do? A lot of people will understand what I did and others won’t because they’ve never had any issues with food or their confidence. So I stopped eating.

Skipping breakfast didn’t have time I’d say going to miss the bus, decided to take dinners which of course I didn’t I kept the money but didn’t eat anything. I did eat a piece of single bread most days but that was about it. People would say were you not tired I wasn’t but losing weight made me feel amazing I felt so light so happy and my confidence got better. But this is where the lies and anti social behaviours started. I decided to be a vegetarian not the reason most do but so I could avoid eating meals with my family as they all ate meat. So I would say yes I’ve had something to eat, leave plates with crumbs on, dirty cutlery, wrappers in the bin etc.

I then became obsessed with my exercise too and started working out everyday and that is where o got my abs from and never left me.

Why did I do this? I hated myself, how I looked the fact I had no confidence and felt no one really liked me, I wasn’t one of the popular girls and was even bullied because I was shy and was called stuck up.

As I got older and started going out and boys became involved then I became more obsessed with being skinny as in my head boys wanted someone that was skinny that looked like a model and I thought if I was thin I would be happy but I wasn’t how could I be.

I was malnourished, my harmones were so low because I wasn’t getting any nutrients into my body and as my BMI was so low my periods basically stopped. I would never go out for a meal, never have take out and the thought of being invited out where there was going to be good just sent me into anxiety. So I hid away and avoided life.

I did manage to start eating again when I was around 19 when I realised my body was like an engine of you don’t put fuel in it how can you expect it to run. So I had a meal out and realised there are healthy options like vegetables which will not put weight on, so I started eating again but very restricted some portions, skipping meals and I started running everyday. Running I loved because of the endorphins it produces you lose weight and feel fit plus the fresh air and sun occasionally.

Looking at this picture now I look so fragile I could probably fit my hand round my arm, ribs protruding but when I looked in the mirror I thought I looked amazing. I loved the feeling of my bones sticking out and my jeans hanging off my no longer there bum, sick right? But this is a mental illness which never completely leaves you. This was in my twenties, I then got married then wanted to have kids. But when I came off the pill no periods returned. It was unexplained infertility I now know it was because my diet was too restrictive, my exercise too rigorous, lack of nutrition, fats and carbs all of which affect your hormone levels to have periods and get pregnant.

After a few miscarriages I finally got pregnant with my first child Mya now 9 after a year of nothing happening then taking tablets took 18 months.

I ate healthily during my pregnancy and I continued to exercise just not running I was too scared. So I walked and got an exercise bike and safely exercises everyday.

After 9 months because it had been a long wait the first time we started trying again, a year later nothing again and so the journey began of tablets, injecting hormones into my body everyday, scans, negative tests, running to the hospital at 7am I was exhausted and stressed and after 3 years I thought the end was in sight IVF but no it failed too.

So I finally took a break started eating more, having fun and then exercising less and low and behold 4 months after my IVF I got pregnant with Cara a complete miracle.

My wee family was complete. But as we all know ladies putting weight on is hard so I ate healthily and exercised through both pregnancies and I had relatively easy births and got my body back in weeks except for my tummy which takes a bit longer to get back into shape. After my pregnancies I lost a lot of weight which I loved of course but then fell back into old habits of exercising and strict low cal diets which is not good when you now have 2 kids and a job.

Finally after the trauma I went through for my kids and a year after my second baby my husband left another trauma which took me a long time to deal with and learn how to cope with the trauma throws at us I went to a counsellor, did mindfulness and decided I needed to be strong not just emotionally but physically as well. So I did a nutritional course and a PT course so I could help others to learn from an early age to be healthy and to help others understand what they are putting into heir bodies and why we need to eat certain foods. I also love cooking and baking and most of my diet is vegan desserts using only natural sugars and ingredients and a plant based protein diet with more carbs and fats.

I still run and cycle as I love getting out in the fresh air and the endorphins but my workouts are more strengthening exercises such as weight, resistance, kettlebells and some hit. I now enjoy my food without any constraints and am on the road to creating a strong lean body from the comfort of my own home.

I have set up my business called so I can help others have the best diet for their brain, mood and body.

My advice get help, talk to someone, see a councillor, recognise what got you into this situation in the first place and deal with the cause then learn techniques to help you to de stress such as mindfulness, cut out processed foods and sugars, do a nutritional course so you understand why you need to eat food and what we get from it.

I can say I am finally content with myself I don’t always like what I see in the mirror but I don’t hate what I see anymore because I now know I am healthier and heavier than I’ve ever been but most of that is down to the muscle I’ve built. I also do some pole dancing, aerial hoop and aerial silks at #flyawayaerialstudio in Lisburn which is fun, keeps you fit and gets me some me time away from the kids. Mental health is so important so don’t forget to look after you as if your not healthy how are you going to be any good for your kids or a good role model either.

So don’t let food ruin your life and your health. Life is wonderful and there are so many delicious healthy foods you can eat without the guilty food mine.

Most important we don’t want our kids to have these issues so boost their confidence and encourage them to eat healthy over bad foods and explain why. It is awful when kids get teased for being healthy these days what is wrong with the world.

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Pre pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition

How precious is your babies health?

As a mother and having experienced miscarriages and fertility treatment, how precious life is therefore we want to give it the best start in life this includes looking after our own life when we are growing another inside us.

You can get amazing nutrition from our systems throughout your pregnancy and may help preparing your body for pregnancy as it helps with stress, energy, hormone balancing as well as essential ingredients for the health of your eggs and for conception.

You can continue to nourish yourself afterwards with these products helping you dealing with the stress of being a new mum, with you sleep, your energy levels, balancing those harmones again and after 3 months or when you have stopped breastfeeding to get your body back in the healthiest and safest way with our nutrition systems that will naturally help you shed those baby pounds and not give into the sugar and carb cravings.

Nutrition is so important when trying to conceive and during your pregnancy and your lifestyle.

Read the full article

If you want more info about these products or just want an amazing nutritional plan for pre conception or during pregnancy PM me

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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

How is everyone feeling? The sun is out and life is good right?

For some even on sunny days it is still a dark day

How do you get out of this?

One thing is nutrition? Your harmones and your mood is greatly affected by your body so eating the wrong foods not only will make you out on weight and contribute to illness but it also effects your energy levels as well as your mood and the more tired you are the lower you become and you turn to those nasty fats and sugars in cakes, buns, fizzy drinks, fast food and chocolate bars. How to stop this change your diet for good not a diet a lifestyle change.

So one change I made to increase my energy and improve my mood was taking these shakes and some people say they’re boring. Excuse me do you have a coffee everyday????? Is this not boring? I add different ingredients and flavours everyday from dozen fruit or fresh, to herbs, extract, milk, yogurts and different flavours today it is vanilla with cinnamon fat burner and metabolism speeder upper and honey.

These shakes are packed full of nutrients including Vit A D E C B1 B2 B3 B6 H which may help with fatigue, depression, boost brain, regulate moods, energy production, cope with stress, antioxidants, good for skin, hair, bones, liver, heart, immune system as well as folic acid for metabolism, memory, nervous system, iron for fatigue and brain and muscle function, manganese for fatigue as well as thyroid, sugar stabilisation, inflammation, zinc for metabolism, eczema, stress, antioxidant, selenium antioxidant, magnesium for energy and the list goes on.

So is this a weight lose meal replacement? Yes if you are overweight it will help you lose weight as it is full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and doesn’t contain Any unnatural ingredients but I take it for the nutrition as we can no longer get the nutrition we need from

Our food because of the toxins in the air the soil etc

I have taken many steps in taking control of my health and my life?

When will you?

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Transformations Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

So how do you transform your life?

1. Admit you have a problem with your health

2. Identify the problem and the cause and what triggers it

3. Set goals

4. Set actions to meet those goals daily

5. How to deal with those bad days other than using food

6. Swap bad foods for good

7. Cut down your portions

8. Drink lots of water

9. 30 mins of exercise a day walking, stretching, weights, running whatever you enjoy

10. Get a healthy meal plan get help if you need it from a nutritionalist

11. Make a shopping list

12. Prep your meals so you’re not grabbing healthy snacks

13. If you need more nutrition and are always on the go get a good nutrition system that will help you get all of the nutrients you need plus lots of amazing herbs that will give you more energy, mental clarity and help with your stress all trigger for binge eating on those bad foods.

Jennifer was our 2019 Isabody finalist and wow what a transformation not only has she changed now her body looks but with it her mind, her future health, her job, her everyday she now has the energy, confidence and health to do what she wants in life.

All it takes is a good nutritional systems along with healthy food and exercise and you will get there too.

Need help give me a shout that’s my job to help others feel amazing and healthy again and embrace life instead of sleep walking through it believe me I’ve been there and ain’t going back

So join me on this amazing journey of life

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