Hello world!

why have I started this blog well life has been full of ups and downs and I believe I have been put through all of this for a reason to helps others to not make the same mistakes and sharing my experiences, advise and tips to get through all of the difficulties in life.


Having suffered with an eating disorder, fertility treatment, depression and now a marriage break up. All I’ve been searching for all my life is happiness and have struggled to be happy being pulled down into depression through all of the downs devastating my life and my marriage.

We can read all of these self help books and go on diets, overeat turn to other things to bury the sadness and try to deal with life. I have discovered that true happiness is inside us all we just need to understand ourselves and learn to love ourselves because if we do we will attract love, happiness and all the things we need to be truly happy.

join me on my journey to find happiness looking at different therapies, exercise, diet, clothes, kids, how to cope being a mum and looking at the way our minds work and how we are in control of our actions.




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