3 months on in the project what have I saved

image.jpegWell Spring is here so we have been getting outdoors more getting more fresh air and using less electricity. So this time last year my electricity was £120 a month now it is £50 a month even during the winter. How did I do this? Well I got a meter fitted so I can monitor what I am using, I have turned radiators down in rooms not being used, don’t use the emersion, turned the thermostat down and got the kids to turn lights off and TVs using battery operated lights for their rooms instead of a light and my new super efficient steam oven.

my groceries are down to £60 a month use to be over £100 use old veg in juices or freeze any fruit going off I freeze for smoothies for the kids and use more beans and grains which are lying in my cupboard instead of meat and using leftovers for lunch next day or freezing for another day also instead of eating a whole portion I now onLy eat half and freeze the other half or eat for lunch next day. Therefore my waste has gone down and I only need my waste collected once a month for veg.

Cooking veg al denti which the kids love and far better for you and uses less energy broccoli and carrots a fab now.

next up is our own veg garden we will grow some potatoes, peas, beans and carrots to cut down on our grocery bill even more and as always cooking from fresh. If organised with meal planner and grocery lists you can do it.




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