Blue skys

so Sometimes it’s nice to just take some time out and stare at the clouds they are amazing. 

I have started to take different routes to and from places and I have found some beautiful views we live in an amazing country the green fields the mountains and the beaches take my breath away. I have found lots of new places to go we get so used to going the same route it’s quicker and you won’t get lost. I follow signs and instinct and it feels free as we don’t know when or if we’ll make it home then we see something familiar and we feel triumph we made it home and without google maps ( ran out of data) sometimes technology takes the fun out of life.

Went to Tyrell’s beach yesterday with the kids had an amazing day I have great memories from my childhood at this beach and wanted to create them for the kids great day out walking through the sand dunes and the massive beach building sand castles doing sand angels splashing in the water running through the sand feeling the wind on your face makes you glad to be alive and the kids came home with half the beach but had an anazing day they will treasure forever. And also celebrated the day with an amazing father Mark Donaldson. 

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