Live like a child 

Mindfulness at its best is being a child. I understand now why I try to recreate memories from

My childhood because I was free from worry, responsibility and just had fun. I didn’t worry about my hair, make up, if my bum looked big, if people were looking at me I just had fun.

My kids are amazing and through them I become a big kid again playing in the park hanging from monkey bars, zip line, going down the slide with Cara pretending she’s too scared to go down on her own.

I run along the beach with them flying kites, go out for walks and picks buttercups and blow dandelions. Listen for the birds, look for shapes in the clouds let go of all of my inhibitions and let go this is pure mindfulness.

So let go and have fun don’t worry about how you look or what others think they are just jealous they’re not brace enough to do what you’re doing or they’re too scared in case they get stuck going down the slide.

Going to concerts dancing in the rain and not caring how you look or dance just have fun.

Be free and your mood will lift and you will have an amazing day living like this .

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