Beach mind 

I’ve done beachbody and insanity great for the body and mind but theweather was great so we headed to the beach at hazelbank paddles in the puddles, breathed in the sea air, sunk in the sand, collected stones and shells to make pictures, splashed on muddy puddles who knew that people pig was onto something lots of fun.

I felt so free like o had no worries in the world. Barefoot like a child loved it.

Was inspired to comeback some day and take sometime out for mySelf grab a coffee and a book and just chill.

Finished off the weekend with some play time in park, some baking and then a balloon fight forgot how much fun they are got soaked didn’t even think about my makeup or hair just having fun letting go.

These are amazing kids wanted them you just attach to tAp they fill uptgen drop into a bucket below just watching them fill up and all drop was so much fun

Love your childhood 

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