Inside out workouts 

One of the things I find the hardest is being able to exercise and have a good diet. I love being healthy but sometimes I’m so exhausted my body just needs sugar or carbs to drag myself up the stairs to bed or the promise of them in the morning if I manage to get up in the morning.

I used to go out running all the time but now I’m a single mum it’s a lot harder can no longer get up in the morning and go for run instead have to settle for a workout in the living room which is awful when you’re staring out the window at the sunshine thinking wouldn’t it be lovely to go out for a run while Sean T is shouting at me to focus. I’ve done insanity after I had Cara and with less time now I have moved onto #T25 especially lower focus my problem area.

I just can’t get enough sleep i get woken up by the postman or binman and not how you think. Running after them with my hair sticking up, my boobs probably falling out and my tooth guard in trying to scream at them to come back and empty my bin, I think they see a demented banshee and scarper as quickly as they can round the corner. I love sleeping into 10am every morning but have now 3 full bins and mounting rubbish and still in my Jammies. All this lying in means I get nothing done round the house. I did have brekkie outside, browsed the new #next catalogue lots of lovely things for home and lots of #unicorn clothes for kids they’re mad about them but depressing as I can’t afford anything will just have to wait for the winter sale which I can’t afford either. I got some some vit d, read some book and did my workout while staring out the window at the nice sunshine ggggrrrrr.

Anyway I’d better get out in the sun before it’s gone, park and ice lollies I think. 

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