Fashionista fun v debt detox

I love fashion it makes me feel good this dress is from #misguided from #asos sale it’s a dress you can wear in summer dress down with casual belt or dress up with a nice shiny metal belt hair up.

I love buying clothes it’s a real problem I can’t afford to buy them but when I’m feeling a bit down trying on clothes alone gives me a boost if I decide to keep them then the guilt sets in as I can’t afford them neither do I need them as my wardrobes are bulging yes wardrobes I know they’re in my dressing room I know #obsessedwithshopping #clothesobsession #fashionista #fashionblogger #singemom #singlemamma #singlemum #singlemom

I do love my #IKEApaxwardrobes they’re amazing I can find everything lots of great storage had sliding ones before a nightmare to get anything out. This is before……

This is after……

Pull out drawers for sports gear, belts and bags, scarfs, summer clothes, pull out rail for jeans and far side on left is pull out baskets for laundry that needs ironed used to sit in hall in laundry bin and paper work, photos, this is it closed over all gone looks amazing.

So how do I manage my debt it’s really hard not spending money but if you do the. Spend on 0% credit cards on purchases when the 0% finished get a 0% transfer card you need to manage this otherwise like me you have a load of cards you’re trying to pay off good deals are found on #moneysavingexpert or #comparethe markets I recommend #halifax #santander #virgin #nationwide #virgin #mbna will I get out of debt yes positivity have to stop spending sell unwanted household items on #gumtree and clothes on #ebay yeah guess what I’ll be doing also if I find something I really like I search for on eBay sometimes people buy things and don’t want brand new I’ve got quite a few good bargains over the years.

Good luck my #debtdetox is starting now I’ll keep you updated on my progress 

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