Debt & diet detox. 

img_1739So this is Day 2 of detox have shopped online but only browsed not bought anything gave all my credit cards to Mark so I only have the money on my bank account which gets eaten up with direct debits to keep a roof over our heads.

Started back on eBay as well to sell clothes to help clear some debt and stop shopping #lynncarlawolsey on #ebay there will be lots to come need to clear the house out.

Detox diet 3 weeks to hol so no choc no cereal no more bread sweets etc loading up on eggs 🍳 and fruit 🍉 and 🥜.

What you should have in your diet



#Green tea #twinings new finds the salted caramel is lovely too

#Frozen berries cheaper and the goodness of fresh ones with some #walnuts sprinkled some chai seeds for energy and some #pumpkin seeds toasted on the pan until the pop amazing snack great for the immune system and some #low fat Greek yogurt best love this one #tesco #coconutyogurt 

Lunch #omlette just 2 eggs some

Milk pinch of salt and add some veg if you want I love some mushrooms and a bit of cheese good protein power lunch yum

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