Healthy scotch eggs 

 I love #scotch eggs used to eat them as a child and haven’t had them since. Don’t eat them as I don’t like pork very fatty so have stayed away from them, had a real graving for them so decided to make my own.

Got 4 eggs 

Booked for 5 mins then put in cold water to cool

I Then got some #turkey from #tesco seasoned with some ice oil about a table spoon and pinch of salt can add spices and chilliest for my flavoursome version 

You can also use falafel instead of meat to wrap the eggs in

So after leaving the eggs to cool for an hour I dip them in lemon juice freshly squeezed then wrap the mince round it and coat it in mixed seeds chai and pumpkin and crushed up nuts use whatever type you like then you can shallow fry them in olive, avacado or flaxseed oil to crisp the cook in oven at 180o for 20-30 mins.

Then serve with a tomato relish and some rocket and avacado for a leaner healthier fat aternative 

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