Muddy puddles 

#peppa pig would be proud of us, we went out for a walk it was raining I was like are you serious so I agreed put my wellies on and raincoat and then a double rainbow 🌈 and the sun.

So we headed off on a walk kids walking in all the puddles then we turn the corner and there’s a massive puddles so I splash about in it with the kids very tame #next wellies and raincoats great prices and always a need in this country.

Then #markdonaldson wearing nice white 👟 jumped in the big #muddypuddle and I was like omg 😲 could not believe my eyes 

Is he mad????????!!!!!!!!!!

Well yeah I thought so then the kids jumped in there was mud splashing everywhere I was getting covered too now normally I would have ran away covered in muck thinking of being wet, what if someone saw me? The washing kids will need washed etc etc anxiety and I could see the lesson Mark was trying to teAch me #letgo #mindfulness. So I was covered in mud bum and legs soaked, kids squelching along in their water filled wellies and all I could do was laugh every time they took a step. So I thought what the heck so I jumped on too soaked mud splashing everywhere not worrying about being wet or the mess I would have to clean up afterwards I just lived in the moment and had #fun #liveinthemoment. 

The key to #overcomingdepression live like a child have fun don’t worry about the consequences after don’t worry about the mess or if someone sees they’re probably just jealous. I know it’s not that easy but #nature is one of the best healers and a good counsellor #belfastcouncillinggroup.

After over 3 years with my counsellors and #CBT I feel strong for the first time in along time, confidence growing.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt you need to love yourself and believe in yourself to be 😊 😁 #happy #believeinyourself #loveyourself learn to put yourself first as if you’re not in a good place your no good to anyone.

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