Lego life 

So we went to the #lego exhibition at the #titanic exhibition centre in #belfast it was. Wet basic just different areas with different bricks and some small displays.

Good for kids of all ages but considering what we paid thought there would have been more added value I could have played Lego at home with the kids, some demos, large scale Lego installations, competitions, Lego creators, freebies, workshops Lego characters walking about other than Star Wars would have been good.

We did spend all day there building Lego together but don’t think it was worth the money and of course kids had to get a toy at the end thanks #toysrus I domlove Lego our house is full of it and it’s great for the kids they get stuck in and learn so many skills so I do think it is amazing.

I spent over an hour building this final touches to the roof then it all fell in what a waste but it was fun.

Definitely need another trip to #legoland #windsor or even #sweden or #america watch this space #legolovers #dayoutwithkids

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