Broken sunshine

As I write this entry to my blog I’m lying on a sunbed beside the pool, kids splashing in pool totally relax.

 It feels amazing my first beach holiday in 3 years with the kids. Life must be getting better more financial stability right, wrong I paid it on a credit card really bad I know but had no choice it’s just non stop with bills car had to be taxed, insured, mot, new tyre sometimes it’s an unnecessary evil too.

But we’re here only for a week just chilling  by the pool, walking along the beach and enjoying lots of cocktails. Reading an an amazing book two by two by #nicholassparks really resonated with me going through a breakup and all of the emotions and stages you go through a must read.

#lloretdemar #tossadelmar our hotel is a few metres from the beach 🌊 stoney so not great for sandcastles spent most of time at the hotel #grangarbihotel it has slides and pools as well as entertainment for kids during the day and at night so a great #familyhotel.

We did an boat trip with glass bottom didn’t see any fish not worth the money to be honest a disappointment.

So the holiday has been going well booked to go to water park, medieval night and marine park then I go and #break my little toe omg so painful luckily the hotel had a crutch they could lend me so I could a least hobble to the pool ah well what can be done don’t know how we’re going to cope at the airplane just another #adventure with me on my journey.

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