Back to school

Back from holidays feeling refreshed stopped in at the hospital on way home my toe not broken but dislocated ouch had to put back in gas and air laughing then oh my god the pain was like giving birth. Lucky for me the recovery is a lot quicker within a week back in feet just no exercise in 2 weeks not good.

Mya went back to school the next day with a little help from my dad got her down can’t believe she is in P5 now and nearly same height so scary but so proud of my beautiful girl.

Cara started pre school the day after so excited so hard my baby starting preschool away everyday the good think is a couple of days a week I now have 3 hours to myself to get all those things done round the house I don’t ever have time or energy for, time for my blog yeah, start my personal training and yoga course and I can now go out for a run or a cycle once I’m back on my feet again for now yoga and stretching.

While it’s hard getting back into the routine kids up and out the door off to work home pick up tea and homework at same time then maybe a walk if we have time, supper, get ready for next day, bath, stories and collapse by 9pm some me time to catch up on housework maybe a programme have started watching #suits I’m obsessed.

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