New year new me

So 2017 had its ups and downs but 2018 is going to be my year. I have chilled out and slowed down in the last year but it is time to start moving forward now and planning for the future.

8FDE008A-73C7-4A1C-8946-C03298DABBE7After having a very merry Christmas eating more than I have ever eaten and not thought about the consequences, not being anxious about getting out to exercise I can say I had a very good xmas. Kids were happy so that meant I’d done a good job.

Im knackered now after having so much going on over xmas, working, cooking, entertaining, decorating and the usual housework and running after the kids. I have had a lot of lie ins so will be a struggle to get back to work.

But this is day 1 of the new year for me, time to plan and make some actions this year.

So what are my goals for this year

1. Get super fit

2. Start my own business

3. Start making money and stop spending it

4. Make more time for loved ones

5. Stop spending money on clothes

6. Perform pole, silks and hoop

So to start I am on a detox


#nomorealcohol only special occasions





So follow me on my journey where I will create an amazing low fat, delicious, sustainable diet posting up exciting new recipes every week and share the best exercises to target those pain in the ass areas where all our indulgences cling to. Building on confidence and looking amazing with the latest and best beauty and fashion tips I can find.

so create those goals set achievable goals and create a timeline to make sure you are making progress to your 2018 goals.

#perserverance #determination #strength #confidence #aspirational #achiebvable


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