Day 7 diet

so week one is over and I have lost 3lb not bad I suppose. Today I was exhausted so took it easy had a late brekkie which was one slice of maple bacon and some scrambled eggs and half a piece of granary bread.

our lunch was some healthy #rawveg, crackers and cheese yum can’t believe how my #kidsloverawveg


They also tried and loved #kiwi

we then watched #beautyandtyebeast while putting together #lego love it it’s so good for kids and they are amazing what they produce now so much #fun to play with.


We finally got out it was #freezing went for a walk along the #beach at #hazelbank at #dusk the sun was just going downhill #planes coming in to land #ships coming and going and the #sunset #freshair very #mindful

fingers about to drop off so we went to get something to eat at #nandos I love their food so healthy I had the #quinoa salad with with grilled #chicken breast and #sparkling water no #wine was being good and we were naughty had some #coconut ice cream it was yum #yum


0BBB5CD1-4EAA-4B88-BECC-070FE9B369BE.jpeg home to bed


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