Day 15 diet

#pancake day #valentines


Simple recipe

1 cup plain flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

you can buy heart shaped pans or use a cookie cutter put on pan and pour in he mixture until it sets



#pancake heart shaped

#avacado sliced on top #scrambled egg slice of #maplebacon some more scrambled eggs #maple syrup and some #pumpkin seeds

good fats good sugars small portion of carbs and good protein

Happy pancake day and #valentines

i got got lots of pressies but this was the best from my beautiful #daughter Mya

Valentines isn’t about having a partner to take you out on a fancy date it’s about #love the love from #friends, #children, #family and most importantly love from #yourself remember you are never alone you can have a coffee on your own, go to the cinema or for a meal on your own you need to love yourself and your own company in order to be open to having a successful relationship



#Homemade cards #magnet made from stone from date on beach some wooden letter from #ebay and a magnet on backimage

#homemade biscuits

#photos of amazing memories you shared


#roseplant rather than flowers as these will grow and flourish the same as your love for each other an expensive bouquet of roses will die within a week

#surprise her with something she’s always wanted or somewhere she’s always wanted to go #designerbag #paris etc she will never forget and it shows you do really listen to her

#a #teddy sprayed with your partners fav aftershave or perfume something to snuggle up to at night when they are not there

#jewellery doesn’t have to be a ring but a nice piece of #sparkle makes every girl happy I love #pandora #argento lovely sparkly #rings #necklaces #earrings #bracelets often have sets so you can buy for valentines then another piece for her #birthday or #mothers day

#fav brekkie in bed or homemade meal at home and remember to dress up candles etc

#loveletter telling them why you love them so much and realise the things you don’t do for the other person and how you couldn’t live without them

Most importantly tell them you love them and give them a big #hug and #kiss


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