Salted caramel protein balls

So after the mums at work networking event yesterday promised I’d share my salted caramel recipe.


I have used some isagenix products if you don’t have any you can add some cocoa powder and dark choc bibs instead probably 2 tablespoons of cocoa and half a cup of the cocoa nibs.

Protein balls have 3 simple ingredients then you can add your flavours and extras. The salted caramel extract you can get from #homebargains


You can of course buy books as well I’d recommend this


Or check out my Pinterest page I have loads of recipes on there.

My fav flavours are:

coconut & lemon

salted caramel


carrot cake



peanut butter

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Testing your kids intelligence

I saw this link this morning and it is what is pretty much what’s been going on in my house.

The most dreaded words are AQE in my house at the minute. My daughter is in P6 and did an AQE test and just being told she was doing this freaked the life out of her. Her first big test, nothing explained just you have an hour away you go.

Some kids and adults are just not good under those circumstances so maybe some preparation ahead of time would be good. Some of the stuff she hadn’t even covered in class.

She didn’t know what to do if she didn’t know the answer, she panicked and was anxious, her wee brain couldn’t function she started to panic and now she is freaked out by the mention of them.

She got her results and was so upset as she didn’t do very well but then she didn’t get to finish it and wasn’t taught how to manage her time and panicked so didn’t read some of the questions properly.

Are our kids properly prepared for these tests? Is it really a good idea to just throw them in at the deep end then freak them out when they’ve done bad and then have the dread of tests.

Should we not teach our kids copping mechanisms for dealing with exam structure, how to deal with anxiety and panic. How to deal with the stress of it all and the effects of the result, in their self confidence and esteem.

Most importantly not everyone is academic either, some learn differently or are more creative or sporty.

I think there is too much pressure for kids to be academic. In this day there are so many different opportunities online to be entrepreneurs in their chosen interest or to learn a skill rather than memorising things from a book. There is also the debt and the no guarantee of a job at the end of a degree.

I did my degree and got a 2:1 while working full time to get ahead of the competition, but if I was to do it again would I go to uni?

I have not started to follow my dream which started with me doing business studies and why I specialised in Marketing. It was great o be my own boss an entrepreneur and in something I’m passionate about, health and fitness.

So is it right to push our children in directions that is not what they are capable of or even want to go that route.

I do not want to make my child a complete wreck who is stressed out. I want her to be happy and use what talents she has.

We are all brought up reading fairy tales but we are never taught how to deal with the downs, when you don’t get the results you wanted or when life doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to.

Kids really need to learn life skills to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of life, how to deal with stress, physical and emotional issues, how to deal with losing jobs and relationships not working out. I think we need to put more work into building or kids confidence and life skills up to make them strong and resilient.

Let me know your thoughts?

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My baby journey started 11 years ago

Can’t believe it was 10 years ago Mya my little miracle came into my life after being told I would probably never have any children. This information devastated me that I would never be a mummy.

So many women suffer in silence while going through fertility treatment, working full time jobs and looking after maybe other kids. Going through fertility treatment was hell for my emotional, physical and mental health. After going through all this I now know the key to better fertility is no stress, no toxins in your body, gentle exercise and being in a really happy place. This sounds impossible I know for anyone who has gone through it or is going through it.

Our harmones are so easily disturbed by stress, toxins, too much exercise, poor nutrition and depression. The processes you go through are so demanding on you and drive you in an obsession and depression so low. This is one of the reasons I have set up my business Moodfit to help women be healthy and happy because if you’re harmones aren’t in a good place you will not be able to conceive and will be depressed. The way fertility treatment assessment is done is wrong, my BMI wasn’t checked, I wasn’t told to change my lifestyle to help my chances and my infertility to this day was unknown.

After a year of trying for Mya we were sent for fertility treatment, which did work but unfortunately I miscarried this was horrendous, and the hospital sent me home and I sat at home barely moved in the hope my baby was still alive. After two weeks of anxiety I had another scan but there was nothing there.

I was sent home, the nurse was very blunt and no support offered. I just wanted to hide, but unfortunately life goes on I went back to work couldn’t function at all but you just have to pull yourself together and think is this it.

About 5 months later I fell pregnant, and after doing so many negative ones you find it hard to believe. Then you are too scared to do anything in case you miscarriage. I was so careful stopped running and eating so healthily. After 9 months she came along my miracle baby was here. My pregnancy had been fine and after I thought I was fine. It was tough not getting enough sleep, trying to get your confidence back, being at home, having little money as you weren’t working. I had depression but didn’t know though it was just normal and I was just tired same as everyone else.

I had coping mechanisms so I planned out my weeks, one day was shopping, one day meet a friend, one day pj day, one day cleaning day only way I could cope.

Then it’s back to work full time, Mya was in Nursery and I missed her so much broke my heart every morning I left her and felt so guilty. I know I did need work as sometimes we get so caught up being mummies we forget who we were before and forget we have brains.

It is hard work but then it got even harder for me as when Mya was 1 we decided to try for baby number 2 knowing it had taken us nearly 2 years to conceive Mya. Things didn’t go as smoothly this time, had the same treatment as last time didn’t work, so then we went through 3 years of fertility treatment that involved going to the hospital at 7am in the morning or injections and invasive scans, this was several days a week sometimes then I drove to work did a full day collected Mya then home to do tea, housework, baths bedtime etc. I was exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. Every month you thought this is the one it will work and month after month of negative tests it was the same answer, I hated pregnancy tests so much. And as time went on others got pregnant, had babies, then another and we were still trying. Life became so hard I was so obsessed and wouldn’t, couldn’t give up and everywhere i went there were pregnant women and new born babies so happy and all I could feel was resentful that it wasn’t me and that the world was so unfair.

So after living through this for 3 years we got our FREE IVF treatment and I was convinced this was it the end of our journey, but it wasn’t it failed and I couldn’t take anymore.

After over 3 years of pumping my body full of hormone drugs I don’t know what these have done to my body but I couldn’t do it anymore. I decided to go back to my life and live again I started eating more, having fun, chilling out, spending more time with Mya then a few months later my little miracle Cara came along I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was never going to happen.

We had went to the fertility clinic for a check up and assess where we were going to go from then and we decided we wouldn’t go for IVF again just yet but try a more natural approach and just took some tablets to help with my ovulation so the doctor told me to do a test before starting the tablets, so I had planned it out that I would start before we went on holiday as I would be relaxed and a better chance of conceiving. So before I started the treatment I took the test and couldn’t believe what it said I think it was the first time I had done a test and expected a negative so it was a real shock and such a relief. Of course after 3 years of treatment the anxiety did not end every day was so hard especially getting to the 3 month stage and at my first scan. I was so scared to look at the screen after so many times looking at an empty screen I was too scared to look then I did and I just burst out crying as I couldn’t believe there was actually a wee baby there.

Cara was born my little miracle and I am so grateful for her and her sister Mya. I went through hell to have them both and are my everything.

I now know it was down to all the things I mentioned above, is fertility treatment the right way or do we need to just reassess our lifestyles before entering into this horrific treatment. You are not alone. I was one of the luck ones who had not one but two babies the second one took over 3 years of treatment and was then conceived naturally after a failed IVF treatment. Take away the stress, eat a bit more of nutritional food and sensible exercise and your chances will be better.

Anyone need advice a chat, whatever don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone, a friend a counsellor. People judged me because I was so into myself, exhausted, depressed and full of harmones and no one understood what was wrong with me they just thought I was a moody cow.

So never judge a book by its cover read a few pages then maybe ask that person if they are ok and if they want to talk about it if you asked me that I would have burst out crying.

Unfortunately life can be cruel but these hurdles were sent to make us stronger and find our purpose in life. It will all make sense eventually just keep battling and most importantly be selfish look after yourself and put yourself first more often than you’re used to, take some time out for you, get to know you and most importantly love yourself.

There is so much pressure to be perfect mum, wife, perform in work, look perfect and still have a smile on our faces.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or say you can’t cope with whatever is going on in your life. Sometimes you need to take a break from everything and assess your life. Am I happy? Am I happy with my job, my worklife balance or a relationship.

Don’t be afraid of change, you need to be happy we only get one life after all.

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love yourself

Nutrition and Energy

This is out to all of the knackered mummies out there. I struggled with energy and motivation to do anything and I never thought I’d find a solution. I exercise everyday, eat healthily and do mindfulness.

However I can’t wat enough to give me the nutrition I need to give me the energy I need to run after 2 girls 24/7 keep myself in a good place and launch a new business.


I have come along way in my journey and still have more to work on butt answer to my energy needs I found in Isagenix.

Yes I know another product promising you the world while clearing out your bank account this is what I thought. But I was desperate to have energy to live, energy to be able to launch my business to provide for my kids and help others find what I have. These products have changed my life and given me not only the energy by the confidence to get to where I am now. The self doubt and the could that hung over me was lifted and I felt like my old self in my 20’s.

They give me the best energy, nutrition on the go, instead of going to a shop and getting sugar Laiden snacks, salads with fattening sauces, salt filled sandwiches. You are what you eat, take the hassle out of your meals and snacks with scientifically proven health benefits.





If you want ypur energyback, mental clarity and to detox your body which also makes you feel amazing and look amazing you will lose weight and be able to deal with stress like never before.

This pack is £137 if you were to try and get the same nutrition and benefits it would cost a fortune in food and tablets etc.

As they say your health is your wealth when you have more energy and feel amazing and not stressed how much more productive or you or able to deal with stress at work and being able to concentrate more and dealing with the kids after a days work.

This is your answer, you probably don’t believe me neither did I until I tried it. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you so nothing to lose except taking back control of your life.

if you are interested give me a shout

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Do you want to be healthier and happier

Let me help with guidance on better nutrition choices that will help you lose weight and build energy and simple exercises you can do everyday at home day or night

I can do personal training one on one or if you are too far away I can do online whenever suits you

Check out my new website



Mindfulness Monday

Monday is really hard after the weekend feeling sluggish not wanting to go to work.

This is my balance wheel I think this is fab. If you want to be healthy and happy you need to include some of this in the daily or weekly routine to give you the balance you need in life.

To be able to provide for your family financially, to have a purpose in life and love your job.

To have happy and healthy relationships with family, friends and in the local community. Make sure you make time for friends and family during the week. Catch up for a coffee, meet for a walk, go to a fun class or just a quick phone call.

Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep a night

Make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrition, fresh fruit and veg, slow release carbs, plant based protein, health fats and at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Read, great especially at night helps you get to sleep forget about everything in your head. However it’s good to still learn often as we get older we think we don’t need to learn more, but this will help us find a purpose, learn new skills and increase your confidence.

Exercise this doesn’t have to be a 5 mike run or an hour in the gym. It could be half an hour walk with the kids or dog, a cycle or a few fast and effective workouts you can do in front of the TV.

Don’t forget to have fun, could be doing an art class, making something with the kids Hama, boards games, making slime, baking a great way to have fun with others and also have something at the end of all the fun. Great way to make memories with the kids and presents for friends and family.

Self help books do not be ashamed you need help, we always need to work on ourselves especially in this stressful age.

A recommendation from an amazing woman.

What’s your passion? Find that out and see if you can make a passion from it. There are so many ways, online courses available whatever your interest is so do it, learn Something new, do something different, live your life.

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Dessert for breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day sets me up, motivates me and gives me the energy to juggle the kids, housework, cooking, studying and working online.

This is one of my favourite breakfast #yogurt low fat #coconut flavour with #banana #oats #branflakes #dates #almonds #chaiseeds #cinnamon

This will fill me up until lunch or after, slow release carbs to give me the energy I need, protein, omega3, carbs, natural sugars, calcium all to help give me energy and keep my blood sugars just what I need to get me through busy mornings.

This tastes just like a Dessert it helps curb my cravings for sweet thing during the day the dates give me that little sugar hit I need to get me moving.

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Banana bran bowl

This is such a simple breakfast but one I love and this is why.

The bran flakes fill me up and are

Slow release carbs

No sugar

Fibre to help with digestion and move everything through your body

High in iron something I’m low in

Banana for potassium

Raisins for a quick sugar burst

Cinnamon over the top to help speed up your metabolism

All great for giving me the energy I need to get going in the morning and keep me going until lunch

I have with semi skimmed but you can use nut milk or even a yogurt

My tip is to buy the supermarkets own brands as they are lower in sugar and salt and also cheaper and I find tastier as they are cleaner.

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Protein packed lunch

Great lunch to get me going for the school runs and recovery from my workout good fats #omega3 #smokedsalmon #almonds #protein #chickpeas #egg #fibre #antioxidants #iron #kale #vitaminc #folate #tomatoes #potassium #protein #iron keeping me full, helping me build lean muscle and keeping my metabolism burning

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More energy, detox, nutrition

I was lacking in energy and my nutrition even though I ate healthily and exercised just wasn’t there. Often we cannot get enough of the nutrients our bodies need from the food we eat. We eat but we often don’t think about what is going into our bodies but a lot of the food we eat is full of toxins even the fresh foods. There are toxins in the soil and in the packaging out food is sold in.

These shakes are amazing and give me protein and nutrition to give me the energy to get through my morning or afternoon and keep me full. They are also really tasty and you can add fruit and flavourings as well so you can have a different one everyday.

So these are great before or after workouts.

In the mornings I have my ionix supreme this is magic in a bottle.

For my depression this has been a godsend. I was knackered had that cloud hanging over my head, couldn’t focus, couldn’t cope with all of the stress in my life, could t make decisions, couldn’t deal with people and couldn’t get up in the mornings.

These products help me lose weight, stay focused, mental clarity, help me deal with stress, build lean muscle and keep on track with my nutrition.

This magic juice will boost your energy, help stabilise your metabolism and help with fatigue. This is what you take on cleanse days, a day where you fast for a day. This will help you to lose weight, detox your body of toxins and is amazing fo the mind and body.

If you want to invest in you and your health contact me this will change your life. Don’t wait until you get some bad news to take your health into your own hands. This system is amazing add a great nutritional plan for meals and snacks and 30 mins exercise a day and you will have a better chance of avoiding serious health conditions.

Don’t believe me see these transformations, not just their bodies, they minds, confidence, health, career, worklife balance and a job they love and can work around their life, kids all working from home, catching up with friends anytime anywhere.

Want more info on this amazing products and to start your transformation to reach your goals have a look at the products

If you want to sign up to try out the systems, products or to earn some extra money give me a shout

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