Salted caramel protein balls

So after the mums at work networking event yesterday promised I’d share my salted caramel recipe.


I have used some isagenix products if you don’t have any you can add some cocoa powder and dark choc bibs instead probably 2 tablespoons of cocoa and half a cup of the cocoa nibs.

Protein balls have 3 simple ingredients then you can add your flavours and extras. The salted caramel extract you can get from #homebargains


You can of course buy books as well I’d recommend this


Or check out my Pinterest page I have loads of recipes on there.

My fav flavours are:

coconut & lemon

salted caramel


carrot cake



peanut butter

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Testing your kids intelligence

I saw this link this morning and it is what is pretty much what’s been going on in my house.

The most dreaded words are AQE in my house at the minute. My daughter is in P6 and did an AQE test and just being told she was doing this freaked the life out of her. Her first big test, nothing explained just you have an hour away you go.

Some kids and adults are just not good under those circumstances so maybe some preparation ahead of time would be good. Some of the stuff she hadn’t even covered in class.

She didn’t know what to do if she didn’t know the answer, she panicked and was anxious, her wee brain couldn’t function she started to panic and now she is freaked out by the mention of them.

She got her results and was so upset as she didn’t do very well but then she didn’t get to finish it and wasn’t taught how to manage her time and panicked so didn’t read some of the questions properly.

Are our kids properly prepared for these tests? Is it really a good idea to just throw them in at the deep end then freak them out when they’ve done bad and then have the dread of tests.

Should we not teach our kids copping mechanisms for dealing with exam structure, how to deal with anxiety and panic. How to deal with the stress of it all and the effects of the result, in their self confidence and esteem.

Most importantly not everyone is academic either, some learn differently or are more creative or sporty.

I think there is too much pressure for kids to be academic. In this day there are so many different opportunities online to be entrepreneurs in their chosen interest or to learn a skill rather than memorising things from a book. There is also the debt and the no guarantee of a job at the end of a degree.

I did my degree and got a 2:1 while working full time to get ahead of the competition, but if I was to do it again would I go to uni?

I have not started to follow my dream which started with me doing business studies and why I specialised in Marketing. It was great o be my own boss an entrepreneur and in something I’m passionate about, health and fitness.

So is it right to push our children in directions that is not what they are capable of or even want to go that route.

I do not want to make my child a complete wreck who is stressed out. I want her to be happy and use what talents she has.

We are all brought up reading fairy tales but we are never taught how to deal with the downs, when you don’t get the results you wanted or when life doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to.

Kids really need to learn life skills to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of life, how to deal with stress, physical and emotional issues, how to deal with losing jobs and relationships not working out. I think we need to put more work into building or kids confidence and life skills up to make them strong and resilient.

Let me know your thoughts?

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