Break your fast with yummy dessert

Yummy breakfast this morning to set up up for a day of 9 year olds

#freshberries #strawberries #raspberries #blueberries #branflakes #granola #dates #walnuts #chaiseeds #naturalyogurt all great for depression will give you slow release carbs and natural sugars to fuel you through the morning and the berries will help with oxidation and it tastes Delish once again dessert for my brekkie fav meal of the day

This is a great start to the day full of good fats from your nuts, natural yogurt, chaiseeds and dates for energy, berries full of vitamins and antioxidants and your cereals slow release carbs full of fibre and iron to keep you strong and fuelled up to lunch and beyond just like #buzzlightyear

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3 thoughts on “Break your fast with yummy dessert

  1. LeeSoyer says:

    The only thing about this is that people don’t realize how expensive is to fight against a bad diet and losing weight. Most people just look how expensive is to sustain this kind of diet and opt for cheaper options.

    • moodycowmum says:

      I know this is why people go for convenience of good nutritious food, I am currently living on benefits and have 2 kids so I know only too well but there are alternatives like frozen fruit, I always look for reduced fruit and buy own brand cereals they are cheaper but also lower in salt and sugar and the nuts j get from homebargains you just need to know where to source thanks for the comment hope you enjoy my blog x

    • moodycowmum says:

      The supplements I take you can get them for free if you sign others up plus make a residual income you can eat for free plus I eat a lot of grains, lentils, beans, frozen fruit and veg which is cheap and I get my nuts seeds etc from home bargains where they are really cheap I am a single mum so I have tight budgets and being self employed I don’t know what I’m going to earn from one month to the next but I am going to do a budget challenge so keep watching. I am trying to educate people it doesn’t have to be expensive to be healthy thanks for your comments and following me hope you’re enjoying it.

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