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Summer is coming are you ready?

Who wants to feel amazing this summer

Having fun shopping for summer clothes and feeling confident on the beach

Be able to go down the slides with the kids

Live again

Enjoy healthy food on holidays and not put on a stone then go on some fad diet

Get a good nutrition plan to follow and you will be ready before you know it

Check out these transformations it is possible

Pm me for more info

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Light local lunch

I am coffeed out today I feel sick

Needed some food and rehydration

So met a colleague for some lunch at #barrellandbean #dromore

Was yummy but should have accepted the bread me thinks

The staff are amazing and I love the decor will have to treat myself and the girls some day to lunch

#eatlocal #shoplocal #supportlocalbusinesses #moodycowmum #singlemom #food #foodblogger #foodie #lovefood #health #niblogger #healthblogger #mummyblogger

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6 weeks to summer

Yummy scrummy breakfast

Mocha protein shake

2 scoops

1 scoop protein powder

Drizzle of natural yogurt

Scattering of chai seeds and pumpkin and sunflower seeds

If you like your coffee you will love this

Another lb down that 6 since the start of my 6 weeks to summer challenge

Watch out for my live Facebook 6 min workouts starting today

Sign up now or pm me for details of these amazing products

The key to success

These products

Weight led workout



Hard work

Good clean food

This does include the occasional drink 🍸

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Healthy isn’t expensive

Ok missed lunch as had brunch so a little snack required in between my laundry workout

A yummy vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries, 3 walnuts, 2 tsp chai seeds and hand full of sunflower 🌻 and pumpkin 🎃 seeds and a squeeze of lemon

Omg 😮


Healthy yes? Expensive? Nnnnnoooooooooo

Ok so I get frozen berries out of #tesco 3 for 5 do me 2 maybe 3 weeks

#chaiseeds £1 from #homebargains this is also where I found #macapowder £1.49 and where I get my dates and nuts all cheaper than supermarkets

So is eating healthy expensive well yes to your health if you don’t change your lifestyle you will end up with heart problems, diabetes, obesity, joint problems etc so before it’s too late take action and make it easier to get up in the morning to walk to breath.

I actually lifted my 10 year old daughter up who is over 6 stone and I told her some people are carrying around this on their body in fat she was shocked and I could walk a bit but it was hard so for those people out there doing this I appreciate what you have to go through but there is a way out of the place you’re in just pm me and I’ll talk you through your options

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Best protein shakes and delish as tried by my kids

Workout done

Protein shake and I have to admit the mocha shake is amazing, I received by mistake but I’ll def be ordering again

The kids agree too, imagine being able to give your kids a milkshake that is actually good for them

I had 2 scoops of the mocha shake and 1 of the isapro protein powder a total of 32g of undenatured whey protein I also added a tsp of hemp and maca powder I will be unstoppable after this.

Health is your wealth quite literally with this company

Not only are the products amazing for building lean muscle they taste amazing. But I’m not a body builder neither am I and as you get older most people do a bit of walking and that’s it. As you get older your muscle mass reduces and without busily good lean muscle you will also put weight on a lot easier.

So the time to tackle your health is now

Build lean muscle

Keep burning fat throughout the day cardio doesn’t do this lifting weights does

Protein products are essential so everyone of every age to help build and maintain your lean muscle

These are only a few of the amazing products this company offer. They offer products to help with stress, mental clarity, manage pain and every ailment is helped with better nutrition and natural eastern medicine.

I youngest just drank her whole glass of shake and said thank you she never does this.

This company not only offers these amazing products but also an amazing career

Pm me for more details

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Confused puppy

I think my dog is a little confused

I think she thinks she’s a cat

Playing mummy to the kittens

#shihtzu #puppies #kittens

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5lbs down day 2 6 weeks to summer

So after 2 days on my 6 weeks to summer challenge and a cleanse day I am 5 lbs down and just enjoyed a Yummy breakfast .

Wanna join my challenge sign up now

After a day of cleansing yummy porridge with almond milk, a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkling of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts and dates

So filling so amazing

Packed with vitB so a great energy source that is slow release also amazing to help you lose weight as well

See all of the benefits below

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Healthy eating is not a choice it’s for everyone

Yummy tea for the kids

I had to cook it but didn’t have the pleasure of eating it 😰

Apparently it was lovely I’ll have mine tomorrow for lunch

Chicken with veg yum they said loved the red pesto and the topping

Kids don’t have to eat chicken nuggets and chips every night try them on something new every week a new veg a new fruit a new way of cooking their favs

This was all fresh and did it take long no, power boil potatoes chuck on oven, top the chicken bung in oven and go and do other things half an hour later boom done

Healthy eating and cooking doesn’t take long it’s just being lazy, it doesn’t cost the earth either o have managed to half what I spend on groceries now and eat healthier than ever.

So have a word with yourself when you tell yourself it takes too long to cook healthily, my kids will only eat chicken nuggets and chips (whose fault is this?) lead by example children will do what you do and follow your lifestyle think about this do you want your kids to follow your lifestyle if not do something about it and stop blaming time and money

Sort it out all I’m saying

You need help I’m here just ask

#kidsloveit #healthyfood #dinner #food #foodie #lovefood #foodlover #mummy #foodblogger #mummies #momlife #loseweight #eatfresh #singlemom #fitness #exercise #niblogger #mummyblogger #nutritionalist #healthblogger #nutrition #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #moodfit #moodycowmum

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Energised like need before and no food??

Feeling energised

Did my workout

Had my amped hydrate to replace my electrolytes and rehydrate for faster recovery and better stamina and endurance

Then my little eshot to get me through to tea time not that I’ll be eating anything as I’m on a cleanse day and feeling fab

Love these products I feel so healthy and so awake for the first time in years and I mean years

Want to feel alive and awake again pm me for more info

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Stress is killing us

This is why I do cleanse days and this is why I have these amazing products in my diet

They are packed with adaptogens which are amazing herbs that help your body and mind deal with stress, give you mental clarity, energy and so much more to be able to deal with the stress in my life and move on with my life something I could not do before especially with feeling so tired and suffering from depression and anxiety

These amazing products have brought me back to life I was so stressed. Stress is the biggest problem we have causing depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

So instead of going to the doctor for antidepressants try these amazing products, exercise and some meditation and your whole life will change I promise

Don’t believe me then give it a try on

Me for details

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