Overnight oats with smoothie topping

I love my breakfast as you know. I love sitting down with the kids eating together talking about what we’re going to do that day.

So I had too much for my breakfast yesterday so I put some of the oats, yogurt and coconut milk on the fridge overnight.

Then I got some frozen berries and blended with some yogurt and placed on top with a dollop of natural yogurt and some frozen berries.

It was needless to say amazing and kept me full all day didn’t even have lunch just a snack, I know it’s not what I teach but sometimes you have to bend the rules.

Last night the cupboards were looking pretty bare, I was looking to male curry but had no chicken, but found some lentils and chickpeas so opted for a tarka Dahl from this recipes but the fish was replaced with chickpeas.

It was yum and I always serve with natural yogurt and poppadoms. I didn’t have any poppadoms so got some wraps and toasted them up kids love it.

This is what I love about cooking my recipes evolve and change depending on what I have in my cupboards. I hadn’t got out to do shopping so had to swap out some ingredients for alternatives. And this is the key to healthy eating.

Cut down your portion size especially your carbs

Swap bad fats for good, your fatty treats and snacks for nuts, peanut butter and avocado

Bad white grains for wholemeal grains and rice, lentils, bread and pasta fill you up and are slow release

Swap your bad sugary food for good sugars which are found on fruit, maple syrup and honey

But the key is watching your portions of your good and bad foods

Make sure you eat regularly

It is best to have 6 small meals a day this will keep you full keep your sugar levels up and your metabolism burning so you will not have any of those bad cravings.

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