Do you want to get off the treadmill of life?

Do you want to get off that treadmill quite literally

Fed up with diets that help you lose weight then you put it all back on again or spending hours in the gym?

Hey your Nutrition right and you will be 80% there without even exercising so if you’re scared or embarrassed of the gym the beat place to start is with your nutrition.

The amazing system I take will help you to lose weight but also build lean muscle without going to the gym as well as boost your energy help you with stress and give you mental clarity to name a few of the many health and mental health benefits of good nutrition

This is Erikas story will probably sounds familiar, this was me too is this you??!

At 42 years old, Erika found herself simply going through the motions of a part-time job, kids, housework, sleep, repeat. She was tired, unmotivated, unhappy in her own skin and was tired of dieting.

She’d faced a hard time after pregnancy, suffering feelings of tiredness, low mood, her weight constantly fluctuated, and she was unable to do sports for two years – even though she was destined to become a professional dancer before she started a family. Then her whole world changed as her doctor had to make the heartbreaking decision to resign her from work. At only 40 years old, she felt demoralised and couldn’t deal with the thought of her two children at 8 and 11 years old remembering her as angry and hurt.

She knew something had to change to put a focus back on herself, but she couldn’t find the willpower or motivation to fulfill her goals. However, her friend Gema introduced Erika to Isagenix after loving the products herself, and it didn’t take long before her enthusiasm caught on and Erika signed up to her first IsaBody Challenge®, which she says revolutionised her life.

“When I started, they asked me ‘How do you think you’ll be after 16 weeks?’ I would never have imagined the person that I have become.”

Fast forward 16 weeks, she’s lost 9.1kg* from the Weight Loss Programme and aside from the impressive physical changes, she says “The best thing is how I feel – younger, more energetic, more positive, I feel powerful, that I can achieve anything that I propose. My family changed for the better because I feel better, so I’m even more proud and it’s all thanks to Isagenix.”

Amazingly she is back doing sport and in better shape than ever – the weight has disappeared from her target areas, and she’s determined to improve even further. She’s gained an intuitive relationship with food and she enjoys eating more, now that she knows what to eat whilst incorporating her IsaLean® Shakes.

With her new-found motivation, she’s started to develop her network and has already signed up her family and close friends to Isagenix. She’s looking forward to growing her business and getting in the best shape of her life, and we’re excited to follow her on her journey!

If Erika’s story has inspired you, why not sign up to your own IsaBody Challenge?

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Mindfulness Monday

Mindfulness Monday

Start tour day the best possible way to win

1. Wake up at alarm no snoozing

2. Open blinds and make your bed

3. Have a glass of water

4. 20mins exercise

5. Have a good protein breakfast

6. Wrote down 5 beliefs you need to change about yourself and repeat in the mirror at least 5 times every day in front of the mirror

7. Write down what you are grateful and remember these throughout the day

8. Take 5 mins before you leave to do some mindfulness meditation just some simple deep breathing to clear your mind and start the day on a positive mindset

Also put your fav tunes on in the car will help boost your mood and motivation

Seem impossible as a busy mum???

You need to change those all habits of you want to achieve the things you want but not getting anywhere

Doing those 8 steps everyday will transform tour life

So get up that extra 30 mins in the morning before the kids or stick the TV on and sort yourself out to have a good day of wins

#mindfulness #powerstart #startyourday #habits #motivation

Saturday breakfast

Something a little different no shake this morning will have for lunch

Everyday is different just depends on what I fancy

Today I fancied some homemade museli with banana, vanilla yogurt and peanut butter

Added a little cinnamon

3 dates and 6 almonds

Homemade museli has oats, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chai seeds and cinnamon

Lots of FATs 🙈😱🙈😱🙈😱🙈😱🙈😥🙈

Yeah I know used to be so scared 😱 or fat before but I now eat good fats found in my nuts and seeds and peanut butter

All packed with your omega3 fats essential of your mood and harmony balancing and lots of others check it out

#breakfast #health #goodfats #food #lovefoos #foodlover #nutrition

Mindfulness is all about giving in many different ways

Mindfulness what does it mean?

Living in the moment

Not overthinking

Not dwelling on the past

Or worrying about the future

But just being present in the moment taking everything around you

Part of mindfulness is doing good deeds it makes you feel amazing and will benefit others and make them happy

So today I sent off my swans so I can be a blood stem cell donator which helps those who have blood cancer

Register at

I also have a pint of my blood away

If you are in good health then go and donate once you are registered you will receive a

Letter letting you know when the next one will take in your area. So easy to do and you could save a babies life, a child’s life a mum or dads life, a best friend, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle.

We all can get sick or could be in an accident and this simple thing takes half an hour and could save someone’s life.

So don’t think about it just do it

Transformation Tuesday

Which would you rather be?

Overweight with health issues, depressed, lethargic, no motivation for life, just scrapping through

Or healthy, happy, full of energy, wanting more out of life, enjoying life, wanting to do new things, less stressed

Then you need to make that change today

The products I put into my body are 100 % natural with all toxins removed packed with natural ingredients including whey protein for healthy muscle mass maintenance, fat burning lean muscle, better metabolism, mental clarity and over nutrition and health

If you want more info just put info below

Berry and pineapple smoothie bowl

Yummy brekkie as always sorry it’s my think kids made pancakes this morning so had a tiny one on the middle with some peanut butter my strawberry smoothie bowl was made with

strawberry protein shake

pineapple 🍍

Frozen berries


topped with strawberries 🍓

coconut 🥥 curls

chai seeds

pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds 🌻


3 dates and walnuts

you can also add a little homemade museli as well if you would like a nutritional plan just go online to or if you want more info on the energy and performance products I use just out info in the comments below

#nutrition #health #breakfast #protein #shakes #lovefood #foodlover #personaltrainer

Tabata HIIT

In preparation for my first class tonight 6-7pm Dromore Masonic Hall

I did my HIIT Circuit workout

20 minutes Tabata workout

This is 40 secs on with 20 minute rest for ultimate fat burning

Exhaust the muscles then make them work

Following by 30 mins of circuits

Resistance bands and ropes



Core workout

Then 10 mins of stretching

If you’re not exhausted after that you can stay for my Boxercise class 7-8pm Tonight which includes

20 mins of warm up exercises

10 mins skill

20 mins boxing

10 mins stretching

If you want the ultimate in fat burning and building lean muscle then sign up now at

Book a 6 week session £36 and try my other class out for FREE tonight to see which one you prefer

I also offer nutritional advice, nutritional Plans and workout plans

Have an amazing Monday everyone pop in and see me later ❤️

#boxercise #workout #HIIT #circuits #tabata #burnfat #leanmuscle

Exercises to tone and burn

Boxercise and HIiT circuit classes

Starts tomorrow in Dromore Masonic Hall

using the latest techniques and equipment for the best and most effective workout to tone up and burn fat for life

A mixture of cardio, weight training, resistance, boxing, HIIT and kettlebells

BOOK a 6 week course and try one of the other classes for FREE

Monday Thursday Friday

HIIT Circuits 6-7pm

Boxercise 7-8pm


Kids Boxercise

Kids Boxercise classes starting this week

Ballynahinch Masonic Hall

Every Tuesday 10-12noon

Dromore Masonic Hall

Wed to Fri 10-12noon every other week

1 hour boxercise skill and games

1 hour of mindfulness and healthy snack

£16 per child for 3 day camp

Saturdays Dromore Masonic Hall 11-12noon

£6 per child


6 packs anyone

Good morning everyone Happy Sunday

Here’s a little motivation for you guys

If you want to lose weight and get that 6 pack you’ve always wanted don’t lose hope there is a solution

These amazing products not only nourish your body they help you to

Lose weight

Burn fat

Build lean muscle

Gives you more energy

Give you mental clarity

Helps you manage stress

Better performance and endurance in workouts

Faster recovery

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