Curry night

My yummy yummy tea and a glass of wine 😱

Ok so I eat healthily and I work out so I starve myself right????

Wrong when you work out and eat healthily you can indulge the odd treat just don’t make

It a habit and yes o do get Chinese or pizza but I love making my own

Tonight is a homemade curry Delish and only 10 mins to prepare




Tomato paste

Natural yogurt

An onion

It’s that simple I used to buy shop bought sauces out of jars that were packed with preservatives, salt, sugar etc I now make my own as it’s healthier and tastier

You know what convenience junk food is tasteless and destroying your tastebuds take 10mins to prepare a tasty meal get the kids involved and they too will Love it

Served with some Basmati and wild rice and poppadoms

Will I have more than one probably

Life is too short to just eat crap and drink your self senseless

Taste tour good and savour your drink and enjoy with great company

Happy Saturday night whatever you’re at x

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