Bean son Toast a different way

Beans apart from baked beans does anybody really eat them?

I was never a big fan of beans but love love love πŸ’— β€οΈπŸ’— chickpeas and am now trying to get more into my diet as not only are they cheap, you can store in your cupboard for months, can be eaten cold or warm, can be on canned or dried form and are packed with natural protein and amino acids.

I tried some beans on toast with a twist so I had haricot beans also known as Navy beans so I mixed them with some green pesto and a little cheese in a pan then added it to a slice of toast with hummus and some spinach leaves it was yum you can also take away the bread and add some fish, chicken or veg for an evening meal.

Beans contain amino acids which are the chemicals that combine to form protein and help build muscle as well as help prevent weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, loss of appetite and irritability due to the folate content.

They are an amazing source of protein and fibre as well as amino acids including folate, magnesium, manganese, Vit B1, iron, copper, Vit k, copper, phosphorus and Vit B2.

Health benefits:

🌱 Great vegan protein source

🌱 nutrient dense with essential amino acids

🌱 antioxidant – polyphenols to help prevent cancer, anti aging and inflammation

🌱 better heart health and lower cholesterol

🌱 reduces Risk of cancer – black beans are highest level of antioxidants

🌱 prevent fatty liver – adzuki beans are best

🌱 controlling appetite due to fibre and starch

🌱 diabetes & glucose metabolism – soybeans can stabilise glucose and prevent diabetes

🌱 improve gut health – black beans are best

The best form of complete protein that contains all your essential amino acids are animal products, soy and quinoa

All the other beans you can combine with nuts, seeds, dairy or grains, these are a better source than dairy as they are lower on caps and saturated fat.

Check out the best beans and make sure you add these to your daily diet. Add to salads, chillis, bakes with sausages, on toast, in casseroles, in sweet treats some can even be roasted or covered in chocolate for healthy treats.

for a nutritional plan go to

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