Healthy delish Sunday brunch

So after a Sunday lie in what do you have a yummy brunch of course.

so we had bagel loaded with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, turkey bacon, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, mushrooms stuffed with cheese pesto and seeds so yummy so delicious and will keep me full up.

great sources of lean protein, some great antioxidants from the tomatoes and good fats from the seeds and pesto you can still enjoy the finer things in life it’s easy to swap fatty meet for leaner meats like turkey and smoked salmon and how you cook it also impacts the calorie count so don’t restrict yourself from the food you love just look at some of the ingredients an swap out for healthier proteins and fats and reduce the portion so I used 2 bagels and sliced each one in three to make 3 bagels 🥯

for more delicious recipes go to or for one of my delicious nutritional plan go to

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