Day 2 to a new you

Day 2 to creating a healthier happier you

Do you drink enough water? 💧

Do you know the benefits of drinking water and the signs your not drinking enough?

Too often we are tired so we go for chocolate 🍫 or energy drinks 🥤 when water will do a better job at energising and detoxing our body

We spend so much money on anti wrinkle creams 💁‍♀️when water will hydrate your skin better

If you get a headache 🙇you go straight for tablets rather than a natural remedy that is FREE

So take tablets promising to speed up your metabolism 🤦‍♂️just drink water

Joint problems 🧎‍♂️exercise and drink water

Have you gotten the message yer DRINK MORE 💦 💧


This includes water

Herbal teas

Normal tea

Flavoured water


Just make sure you are not adding sugar and extra calories

So I have attached some great graphics that show you the benefits of getting your 8 glasses of water in everyday and also a little timetable to help you keep on track

So when you have any of these symptoms grab a glass of water instead

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I am a single mother of 2 amazing daughters Mya and Cara they are my motivation and my inspiration everyday. I have had a lot of hurdles to jump in my lifetime and nearly into my forties I am starting to accept myself and build on all aspects of my life. I want to share my experiences moving forward from depression I am learning how to be the best version of myself from making a bucket list, learning to be a savvy fashionista, an amazing mother, mindfulness, healthy eating and working towards the best body I can have. Life is good right now and want to help you overcome your hurdles and climb to the heights of your abilities and ambitions in life. If you visualise and think positively it will happen. Happiness comes from inside.

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