Protein ice cream

Can’t believe I have managed to make heathy protein ice cream. Such a simple recipe

Made with

1 scoop of protein powder vanilla I use isagenix protein shake as the ingredients are packed with the highest quality whey protein as well as over 19 vitamins and minerals.

Then add

1 table spoon of peanut butter powder

60ml of almond milk

2 frozen bananas

Then freeze for an hour or if like me consume immediately as it’s too yummy

You can use vegan protein powder instead for vegan ice cream.

You can use instead of the bananas frozen berries

Or swap the peanut butter for cocoa, or add like pecan nuts and maple syrup or different extracts like salted caramel then you can add isagenix salted caramel chocs too

For more info about the protein powder and chocs pm me

Even the dog loved it

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