Moodycowmum came about after having suffered from depression, I was often called moody or by some people moodycow. As I became a mom or one beautiful princess I became moodier, then after 4 years of fertility treatment my second princess finally came and I became moodier again.

Too much stress and anxiety made me depressed, moody and then I became a single parent. To say the bottom fell out of my world is an understatement I couldn’t cope as it was never mind on my own with two kids.

While I went through a few years of severe depression, lethargy, no confidence, anxiety, loneliness and stress it has man me into the woman I am today a true moodycowmum.

My motivation in life is to make my two princesses proud of their mamma and to show how strong they can be on their own and can achieve anything they want.

My love of my kids, nutrition, exercise, fashion and adventure is what has given me the confidence to experience new adventures, take a few risks to make my life better and to share my passions with others to help them become the best version of themselves and achieve everything they want in life.

Believe and it will happen.

Just have confidence in yourself and most importantly love yourself, you are your biggest critic so write the best review of yourself, learn from your experiences and grow from them.

we only get one life so live and learn.

Life can be amazing if you just live it.

love moodycowmum


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