Healthy chocolate cake

So for my Birthday I made a healthy chocolate cake and it turned out better than a normal cake and I have to say delicious the best one yet so filling and no guilt attached. So instead of butter I used avocado so healthy omega3 fats and the sugar was replaced with natural honey orContinue reading “Healthy chocolate cake”

Birthday lunch

Breakfast lunch was a bagel (carbs I know) with scrambled egg, smoked salmon, grilled tomatoes, seeds and a drizzle of green pesto.⁣ health #proteinbars #vitamins #vitamind3 #healthychoices #garlicbutter #lunch #fitness #nutrients #workout #nutrition #antioxidant #scrambledeggs #prebiotics #supplementstore #veggiemeal #proteinfood #highproteinbreakfast #supplements #healthyfood #healthywaffles #dinnerforone #proteinshake #cholesterol #diet #paleoeats #highproteinlowcarb #healthylifestyle #omega6 #food via @hashtagexpert

Protein ice cream

Can’t believe I have managed to make heathy protein ice cream. Such a simple recipe Made with 1 scoop of protein powder vanilla I use isagenix protein shake as the ingredients are packed with the highest quality whey protein as well as over 19 vitamins and minerals. Then add 1 table spoon of peanut butterContinue reading “Protein ice cream”

Chickpea curry

Yummy curry sauce left over in the fridge from during the week so had some basmati rice with chickpeas for my protein and some cashews as well and a little poppedom was going to have a wee glass of wine but then it’s only Wednesday if you want more recipes go to #curry #humpdayContinue reading “Chickpea curry”

New month start with some mindfulness

New Month New You why not try my 6 weeks of mindfulness try a different activity everyday and see how you feel will all help with relaxing the mind and body and refocusing the mind on the more Day to day enjoyment in life #mindfulness #mindset #stress #relax

The ultimate Protein pancakes

Holiday time breakfast or brunch in the sun listening to the birds chirping away bliss just need the beach and some water a cocktail in my hand and a good book. Life is what you make it enjoy outside, enjoy learning, enjoy doing new things you never had time to try my breakfast was delishContinue reading “The ultimate Protein pancakes”

Salted caramel protein balls

Foodie Friday treat day some salted caramel protein balls made with 1 cup of oats/granola mixed 1 cup dates 2 tsp maple syrup, 2 tsp caramel essence, 2 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp linseed mix, 2 tbsp coconut oil and peanut butter and I added 1 isalean bar from isagenix for a little more protein absolutelyContinue reading “Salted caramel protein balls”

Healthy American style pancakes

So for snatch today I had American style pancakesWith maple syrup and bacon This is my healthy take on it Pancakes I actually made 2 types For me I had1/2 cup oats2 eggs1 bananaVanilla extract For the kids2 eggs1 cup spelt flour1 cup coconut milk If you’re vegan you can substitute the eggs with chiaContinue reading “Healthy American style pancakes”


Something that really helped me through my darkest of days, helped me stop worrying so much and taking each day as it comes which is all we can do at the minute is Mindfulness So over the weeks to come I will share lots of things that have helped me get to where I amContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Food in focus

As you all know I love food and healthy food And no it doesn’t have to be expensive Only if my favs is the little chia seeds you can get these in #homebargains for £1 a packet expensive in the supermarkets These little seeds are certainly a superfood and can be used in lots ofContinue reading “Food in focus”

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