Busy times fun times

It has been a while since I updated my blog with so many things going on in my life all good of course just very busy.

I finally finished my personal training course so am now qualified and going to finish my nutritional course and create a really good training and nutritional plan over the summer with the hope to launch in sept along with my shop Moodfit.myshopify.com which you can shop on now for fitness clothes and equipment as well as summer dresses and kids clothes. I will also be launching my own app and Facebook page for my fitness programme. On top of that I also joined a company called Isagenix a company specialising in nutritional cleansing, increasing energy and performance.

It has changed my life having suffered from depression I have pretty much tried everything under the sun to lift it from herbal solutions, exercise, counselling, different therapies and anti depressants. Once I started this programme after the first 2 weeks I was so full of energy, mental clarity, felt confident, less anxious and so healthy. I hope that this will continue to keep me feeling this way and help others like it has me. People when nutritionally healthy will naturally lose weight as your body works better when nutritionally fulfilled, cleansing also helps to reset your body and boost all of your systems. So no matter what illness you have it will help you with your health goals.

Lose weight, gain lean muscle, lots of energy and overall healthy body and mind.

So I have been embarking on this for more info contact me or learn more at moodycowmum.isagenix.com

I had to get kids ready for finishing at school, getting ready for our weekend in London and our family holiday. So I can safely say I haven’t been keeping to the isagenix plan but have still included it in my daily diet my isatonic supreme, my salt caramel chocs can’t go anywhere without some of these, some protein bars, tablets and some shakes still enjoying some of the American food.

We went to Walmart it is massive you could spend all day there they have everything from to tyres we have so far spent an average of 2 hours in it. Everything yes is supersize, massive buckets of ice cream and lots of crisps and massive bags of lovely sugar rich cereal kids are lovin it they won’t be getting any when we get home that’s for sure if they still have teeth left.

This was our first shop its is madness this place but love it


Sunshine breakfast

Sunday morning, the sun is shining having a healthy & nutritious breakfast. Can life get any better. Never thought I’d say this but I am loving life.

So my lovely nutritious drink is the ionic supreme with some lemon 🍋 juice and some pineapple 🍍 juice. #cocktailinthesun

I have my vanilla shake this morning and added #mullerlight coconut with a hint of vanilla omg love this yogurt and a little maple syrup.

so so so yum and to finish it off some raspberries and blueberries frozen if course covered in that yummy yogurt, such a yummy brekkie, feel like I’m on hols.

Definitely deserve this after my #sip&Sample Party last night. Thanks to all who turned up we had a fab night.

I will share my fab recipes def have to add these into my weekly meal plan and the relish #chocbrownies #cookiesoughballs and #chocicecream you missed out big time but don’t worry I will share my up and coming sip&samples party dates for all those fab mummies and any daddies who want to join us over the summer.

The best thing about the night was def the entertainment #jess&cara

So everyone start the day the right way with a delicious and nutritious breakfast and head to the beach that’s what I’m gonna do anyway.

#helensbay #bangor


So I’m on a cleansing day, cleansing my body of the crap I consume that I shouldn’t there were a few crisps in there some wine, I know naughty girl maybe some chocolate and ice cream oops it was healthy though.


The kids did help me a wee bit a healthier option to the normal but you can make healthy and vegan ice cream too. Here’s an amazing r recipe I gotta try

So what does cleansing involve???

Well normally it’s a starve yourself to death day where you then binge put the next day so pointless.

The Isagenix cleanse is unbelievable you take the tonics

Lots of water of course some exercise and lots of snacks. So you don’t like the healthy snacks then no worries not only do you not have to starve yourself but you get to eat chocolate and you lose weight is this for real Like I think someone is winding me up that’s what I thought but I had the protein bars and the cheesy whey protein snacks and the chocolates omg I can’t live without them the salted caramel milk chocs and there is now dark chocolate this is what you’re allowed on cleanse days like hello.

So I am sitting out in the sun drinking tonics which make you feel and chocolate clearly it was a woman who came up with this system.

So am I hungry and tired????

certainly not feel fab lots of energy, feel lighter, free, lots of lean muscles popping up check out this back I was like wow when I saw that pic and I don’t even go to the gym can you believe it?


So you want to become leaner, lighter, happier, healthier then what are you waiting for.

your health is your wealth, it’s priceless invest in your make your life what you want it to be don’t just accept that what you have is it go out there and get what you want and your life will change dramatically

find out how to cleanse and reach your body and mind goals



Life is what you make it

While I would t have agreed with this statement a while ago I certainly do now. Struggling with depression and anxiety I never had to confidence or energy to do what I really wanted. I struggled each day to get up and get whatever needed done, done. Life was not a pleasure for a long time everything just seemed a struggle from the simple things like making a phone call to the terrifying going out without my makeup talking to complete strangers and in front of crowds.

Now i feel like I can do anything. I have energy mental energy but for some reason I still don’t want to spend my time off in the house cleaning to only have my kids destroy it within minutes. What am I doing right now? Sitting in the sun getting ready to enjoy the sunshine and hit the park and in general be outdoors enjoying life and this amazing weather before it disappears.

So I had another delivery of my amazing life changing products and ordered some dark chocs as well as the delicious salted caramel ones I think I’m addicted they amazing and healthy. I can’t believe I get to eat chocolate everyday and this is healthy who knew??? I certainly didn’t.

So out of the shakes I don’t really like the choc ones the vanilla and strawberry are amazing. So a waste of money? No I used the IsaLean Shakes to flavour my energy balls so I made choc ones and then vanilla and strawberry ones using my gorgeous nut butter.

These are delish and so easy to make.

Whizz all of your ingredients in a processor for a few minutes, then roll in a coating of your choice for crushed nuts, chai seeds or desiccated coconut.

So to make you need

1cup of dates

1cups of oats or muesli (optional)

2 tbsp honey or maple syrup

2 tbsp nuts 🥜

2 tbsp nut butter

1tbsp chai seeds and dedicated coconut

2 tbsp of whey powder so you can use the IsaLean Shakes to flavour them so strawberry, vanilla or chocolate

Any ingredients you don’t like you can take out or substitute for something you do. These are handy, yummy my kids loved them and healthy fats and keep them going as they have protein and the oats fill them up and give them sustainable energy.

You can also add in extract of your choice so

My fav is salted caramel or vanilla

Just store in fridge for a few weeks or out in freezer you can eat them straight away from the freezer.

So I had some leftover rice so instead of throwing out I made tonight’s tea

Rice balls

My fav rice is basmati and I mix some brown rice too helps fill you up and longer energy release.

So I rolled the rice added in some

Pumpkin seeds

Crushed nuts

Punch of salt

Splash of olive oil & apple cider vinegar

Some cheese in the middle for a gooey melted centre when cooked

Coat with dried edamame beans these are so moorish I love them as a snack

To cook then shallow fry for 10 mins serve with some avacado and sweet potato fries


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We are enjoying our walks in the country with Holly.


Hiding in the grass

New arrivals as well #kittens #white #cats #animals #cuteanimals #pets

Want to be happy, healthy, financially free, spend more time with your kids and family then what you waiting for check out my new business venture


Don’t think about living, start living now and live like every day is your last. Have no regrets, take a chance, look after your health it is your wealth and worth investing in as without your health the rest is just a struggle. We only have one life so make it the best you can.

#isagenix #kettlebells

Feeling a little nutty

Had a real craving for some peanut butter so I mad myself some peanut butter it’s so easy.

Just put your nuts in the oven for 10 mins the. Whizz in a food processor for 15 mins then your done.

You can add some flavouring sometimes I add in some vanilla or salted caramel essence.

I used almonds, some walnuts and peanuts. I roughly chopped some nuts to add some texture as I love chunky peanut butter. Sometimes it can be a bit dry if it is the. Add a bit of coconut oil.

So I put it to the taste test this is what my expert said.

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30 day results

So I’ve been doing a nutrition and cleanse system for 30 days now and never did I think I would feel like I do now.

I was very sceptical at the start like most people can this system really do what it promises???? All I can do is tell you how it has made me feel. I suffer from depression take antidepressants everyday to little effect, while they worked at the start they no longer give me that mental clarity while relieving the worst of the symptoms.

This nutritional system has helped give me not only lots of energy it has given me mental clarity back lifting that dark cloud of mental exhaustion that normally hangs over me everyday.

So not only has this given me more energy and clarity, it has helped me build lean muscles, lose weight, healthy flow, loads of confidence and I’m never hungry.

These are my before pics my skin was red, I was bloated, cellulite, no energy and more fat than I realised…

30 days later I have lost 3 inches off my waist, no more bloating, abs have come through toning up, I’ve lost an inch off thighs toning up building muscle and arms toned up and lost 4 lbs in 30 days.

Can’t believe the results I have in just 30 days can’t wait to see how I look and feel after the 90 days challenge.

#lovinglife #healthy #cleansing #nutrition #isagenix #isabodychallenge #kettlebells #squats

#healthy #healthybreakfast #nutrition #fitness #fitmom #singlemom #fitnessmotivation #blueberries #museli #pumpkin seeds #lowfatyogurt #cinnamon #walnuts

Feeling amazing

So I’ve got my energy feeling really healthy so what else do I need.

Always wanted long lush hair but my hair is quite fine and have thought about hair extensions but the expense and maintenance and have seen many horror stories about hair falling out and now growing destroying your hair.

So I came across this new product

Pump haircare all the way from Australia they seem to just get everything right. This is supposed to make your hair grow quickly and a lot thicker so keep watching for my results.

Long lush hair here we come

#pumphaircare #longhair #lushhair


So I am nearly 30 days into my isabody challenge and while I was very sceptical as have most people I have spoken to about Isagenix you have to try it to believe it. I took this system of health products to help me to tone up, eat more healthily and most of all to increase my energy never did I think it would lift my depression.

Anyone with depression knows that you are mentally exhausted all the time and this takes its toll on your appetite either over or under eating. You have this heavy cloud hanging over your head like your carrying a weight on your head pushing your eyes down so you constantly feel tired then then makes you physically tired and find it hard to cope with daily tasks like getting up, going to work, doing housework, looking after kids or going out the ritual of getting dressed up which I used to love just became too much hard work.

After 14 days the cloud lifted my eyes felt full of life, my body full of life and mental clarity like I have never known. I feel like the person I have been searching for all these years and was beginning to think she didn’t exist. That confident happy woman who could do anything, deal with anything, multitask and run her own business. Now I feel like I can do that.

I have been running usually only get out once a week when I get a few hours of freedom I. Between I do a 25 min workout everyday including squats, kettlebells and other deep stretching exercises.

I will start sharing my exercises and meal plans when I finish my personal training course and finish my isabody challenge in August.

It is so easy to tone the arms up quickly and helps a lot with my pole, hoop and silks to have that extra upper body strength. And when you’re a single mother you often have to do the heavy lifting round the house so always come in handy.

So what can I say I’m enjoying life so much more, less anxiety, more confidence and enjoy my meals so much more.

so made this lovely curry during the week chickpea and sweet potato curry with basmati rice and black quinoa


2 tbsp veg oil or olive oil

I med red onion, diced

4 garlic cloves minced

4 tsp curry powder

1 1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp cayenne

2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp all spice

2 tsp fresh ginger minced

4 medium sweet potato diced

1 can of chickpeas 425g

240ml veg broth

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 tbsp tomato purée

Pinch of salt

1 can of coconut milk or half a tub of Greek yogurt

Basmati rice and quinoa (one cup with 2 cups water for perfect rice)

Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some pumpkin seeds for some crunch

1. In a big pan add the oil heat the oil, at the onions, garlic and ginger stir for 3 mins.

2. Add spices and tomato purée and stir for 2 mins.

3. Add potatoes, chickpeas, veg broth and bring to a simmer. Medium heat for 15 to 20 mins.

4. Add the yogurt, stir in leave for 2 mins then serve with the rice and quinoa mix.

It is so so good never buy jars of curry so easy to make and none of the sugar, salt and fat of the preserved sauces we will like to buy.

Fresh isn’t always time consuming a few cans of ingredients, chop some veg or you can use this recipe for chicken or salmon curry as well.

Add spices, broth, yogurt done.

Always make fresh and this is single working mom of two If I can do it so can you.

So happy for the warm weather, feeling the sun and wind in my skin. Sitting in the garden listening to the birds chatting to each other never really noticed this before #mindfulness

Love the vitD we all need 20 to 30 mins outside on the sun everyday. And getting to wear lovely summer dresses.

Discovered a new online retailer #stayingsummer

Green Stripe Spaghetti Strap Knot Front Mini Dress

Some amazing dresses really good prizes this is one of my new finds I’ll share more as I find them or go to my Pinterest page for more inspirational recipes, home styling and amazing clothes

Mental cloud has finally lifted

So I am now on day 19 of the isabody isagenix challenge.

How do I feel? I have never been into shakes diets etc I believe in healthy eating and I do eat healthily but I also fill my body with antidepressants and other supplements to try and boost my energy and mood. That’s why I exercise everyday to help boost my mood and energy but even though I eat healthily I would wake up knackered everyday and exercise with no energy. I would then crave sugar and would end up picking on things and binging on chocolate to give me energy only to then feel guilty and no extra energy just extra weight.

I started taking isagenix

😄 to boost my mood

🤸‍♀️ to give me energy to work out, to go to my aerial and pole class, to be able to study, keep on top of things round the house and all the other jobs under my job title of mum and energy to play with my kids and have fun

🧘‍♀️ to help with my depression to take away that mental exhaustion, lack of confidence, anxiety, not wanting to go out, can’t do that as I’ve no energy or no belief in myself I could

🥑 to be healthier than I’ve ever been

🧖‍♀️ to age youth fully in my body and skin and my energy

👩‍👧‍👧 to spend more time with my girls who seem to need me more now than ever

🍞 to be able to buy groceries and cover all my other bills

👙 to help me lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

🛌 better 💤 a really good nights sleep feeling refreshed and energy to tackle the day

🏋🏻‍♀️ to create lean muscle, to be in the beat shape of my life so I can help others to do the same through exercise and isagenix

💸💷 financial freedom

To have disposable income so I can enjoy life and do all the things I want with my family and to help others

If you want to be

The healthiest you’ve ever been with lean body and slower aging

Financially free to not have to worry about bills and enjoy time with family with a job you can do from anywhere whenever you want.

Have extra money for a new car, house, holiday, clothes

If you want all these things then contact me and join me in the Isagenix and watch all of these things come true.

I am just at the beginning and was a complete sceptic until last week when I suddenly had a clear head the mental cloud of depression had lifted I felt more energy, more confidence, my eyes feel huge, I don’t feel anxious anymore feel like I can tackle anything.

Watch this video and if you a better life then contact me