does depression cause fertility problems? Yes?

  1. I find it amazing that people don’t understand depression and the debilitating effect it has on someone’s life and their family but yet millions of us suffer but are left undiagnosed as doctors don’t really understand either I was left undiagnosed from a child through an eating disorder and 5years of fertility treatment with the best fertility treatments that couldn’t see the reason for my low hormone levels was not that I was going through menopause as the first doctor diagnosed at 28 years old and told me I would probably never have children. Well. 2 children later and a marriage breakdown I have realised the reason for my low harmony levels wAs that I wAs despressed not surprised after all I went through but no one ever considered this or noticed I was totally depressed and desperate. Going through fertility leaves you Drained emotionally mentally and physically you become sodesperAte for the end result of a baby you just don’t give up until you get the result of a baby or a breakdown mine was a breakdown. I finally gave in and took a break and waited for the IVF and the end result was awful nothing. At this stage I couldn’t put myself through Any more of this and just wanted a normal life where I could eat and drink what I wanted go out have fun and live my life and be obsessed with babies. I stopped just being a machine that wouldn’t work and became a person again and within 3months the miracle of all miracles baby number 2. So my advise is to not stress of you start to feel down take a break and go on antidepressants if needs be rather than the endless torture of this treatment unfortunately it is nature and a waiting game better to be patient and happy and when the time is right that little miracle will come along.

how do I know it was the depression that caused my depression well the reason I couldn’t conceive was my harmony levels were too low to produce a monthly cycle but now that I have realised I do suffer from depression and have done since a child. I am now going through counselling and on antidepressants and feel so free and happy for the first time in years my harmones have stabilised and have a monthly cycle now I know that most women moan about this but for the first time in over 7 years I feel like a real woman again and am starting to feel like the confident person who I was looking for all my life but could not find.


After all all of my experiences I am trying to understand everything that has happened in my life and how to manage it and to help others along the way to prevent them having to live through the pain and devestation I have experienced. I now enjoy life and am no longer anxious about everyday things im relaxed and doing really well in work and loving having fun with my kids which at one point thought were only going to be a dream.


live the dream