Eat yourself slim

over the years experiencing an eating disorder and watching my weight and being pregnant I have learnt lots of things about food. I will share all of the great stuff I have learnt.

in order to loose weight you should never starve yourself as your body goes into starvation and stores food as fat. In order to loose weight you need to work with your metabolism, in order to loose weight quickly you need to have a fast metabolism.

How do you have a fast metabolism have a coffee shot first thing in the morning, exercise first thing in the morning before you eat this will get your metabolism fired up and working  fast then when you have breakfast  you will burn this quickly as your metabolism is working fast from your coffee and workout. So it’s always good to eat small meals and healthy snacks throighout the day to keep your metabolism working just like a motor in a cAr it needs good quality fuel and regular services to keep it working efficiently.


the best snacks are nuts especially almonds these help with digestion due to the good fat and oil, good for the skin and bones.


i will share my fav meals to help you loose weight you also need to exercise and cut down on your portions, eat fresh food rather than processed and cut down on any condiments such as salt, spreads, sauces and bad fats.