Exercise and nutrition

Discover what food you should be eating for strength and muscle tone. When to add supplements, when to cleanse and the beat exercise for your body type.If you want to feel amazing in mind and body then you need to include a cleanse in your weekly lifestyle it will give your gut a rest and cleanse your body of all toxins and reset you body to produce more energy and mental clarity.Ever since I was 10 I have been exercising and obsessive over food. Having developed an eating disorder due to my shyness, lack of confidence, not liking myself or my body I just felt ugly and unloved and being bullied.I starting staring myself when I was 11 and had just started high school. I existed on 1 piece of bread a day and weighed about 6 stone. This has and never will leave me.As I got older I discovered the gym and running and realised I could control my weight with exercise. I also realised that your body is like a car if you down maintain it and fill it with fuel it will not work properly so why would I do this to my body. So I started eating but was a vegetarian to avoid eating with others and to eat just healthy food. I remained slim and in uni I hate little except bananas finally I started eating breakfast lunch and tea wit healthy snacks but it has taken me a long time to get here. Having difficulty conceiving and then ensuring your kids have a healthy diet and outlook on food has brought me to where I am today. I exercise and eat healthily wanting to be strong and toned rather than skinny. It horrifies me how I loved the feeling of my clothes hanging off my hip, my chest bones and hips protruding and love the skinny comments I just hope my kids never have to go through this.Now I follow a low GI diet with a lot chicken, turkey and fish but mostly veg and grains. I also take some supplements which have not only given me more energy but also given me mental clarity lifting my depression and increasing my confidence.Best way to start the dayprotein shakehalf an hour of exercise – cardio, stretching and strengtheninghot water and lemon 🍋Ionic supreme, water and apple cider vinegarAdd some fruit juice if you likethis will detox your bodyBreakfast : isalean shakeor a high protein brekkiesourdough bread with mashed avacado and a poached eggsnack of low GI fruit like an apple or pearhealthy lunch : carb lunchsome grains like quinoa, barley, brown rice mix with some nuts, seeds, chopped vegdressing lemon juice, olive oil, pinch of salt and apple cider vinegarsnack :healthy corn  crackers or low fat yogurttea:Grilled chicken fillet or salmon fillet served with some raw broccoli or small portion of grains or a saladsupper:camomile tea or warm milk, cherry juice and an isagenix chocolate made from green tea8 glasses of water a daycut down on coffee, dressings, sauces these all contain extra salt and sugarsCut down on cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks look for healthier alternativesenjoy your food don’t starve yourself and try to stop eating at 8pm to give your gut a rest to detox during your sleep and try and avoid alcohol.you will feel so much more energised, better sleep, better skin, mental clarity and a lot slimmer and more toned.18D7646F-61B9-41DF-A6D6-D8AF533267DF.jpeg