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Hanging upside down 

A little light headed after my class last night at #flyawAyaerialstudios we did some #pole and finally got to hang upside down hanging on with my knees my thighs felt the burn afterwards 

Then we did some #silks these all look so easy but are so tough on your whole body especially your arms 

Really hard to hang on with a rope under the back of your knee while trying to wrap the rope round your other leg while hanging upside down but managed it somehow 

Really do love these classes knackered before and after but make me feel amazing I can do these things with my body giving me body and mind confidence 

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Zootastic family fun 

Felt like some exercise, fresh air on sunday so we headed to #BelfastZoo. Haven’t been in a few years they have a fantastic new #playground, lots of #picnic areAs and lot of animals to see.

The kids always love a day at the #zoo as do I and you forget about the amazing views as well on the way up to the top.

Scary #bears 

Crazy pics 😜

Mark was thirsty and I got bit on the butt by a crocodile 

Lots of #kissing 

#giraffes and little baby ones, elephants and lots of funny #monkeys 

#amazing view of #belfast what a lucky monkey 

Mya had a monkey on her head and I managed to grab it 

Always love getting to the top to the little cafe #amazingviews and #treats at the top for all our hard work getting to the top. Yummy caramel cake and ice cream 

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Picnic in the park

Have recently discovered #ladydixonpark in # Belfast has a big park for all ages lots of lovely walks and big hills, picnic tables etc

We climbed trees like I did when I was young we went on the #zipline Mya went flying upside down teatime in the park is great less stressful and no fighting over any slides etc

We went down to the little lake lovely little area and great for parks we all loved walking over the stepping stones to get to the other side 

Lots of lovely flowers wild meadows

Finally we rolled down a big steep hill haven’t done this in years let go didn’t worry about getting green knees or ruining my clothes I just let go #mindfulness 

And a little romance as the sun sets before bedtime 

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Lego life 

So we went to the #lego exhibition at the #titanic exhibition centre in #belfast it was. Wet basic just different areas with different bricks and some small displays.

Good for kids of all ages but considering what we paid thought there would have been more added value I could have played Lego at home with the kids, some demos, large scale Lego installations, competitions, Lego creators, freebies, workshops Lego characters walking about other than Star Wars would have been good.

We did spend all day there building Lego together but don’t think it was worth the money and of course kids had to get a toy at the end thanks #toysrus I domlove Lego our house is full of it and it’s great for the kids they get stuck in and learn so many skills so I do think it is amazing.

I spent over an hour building this final touches to the roof then it all fell in what a waste but it was fun.

Definitely need another trip to #legoland #windsor or even #sweden or #america watch this space #legolovers #dayoutwithkids

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Silk sensation 

So we did some #pole hands to sloppy so for fed up.

Did some #silk moves hard on the arms but starting to enjoy.

Hands sore and bruises on my legs but it’s worth it every week I love what I can do with my body #aerial aerobics 

Stomach in good shape #6pack but need to tone up legs been doing #seant #t25 workouts #lower focus to tone up my legs I can see it working but need to eat more fish and veg and drinks #8pintSofwater.

Can’t get out for run so I do my workouts in garden lots of fresh air weights and stretching then some #Mindfulness 

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Weekend of fun with the kids 

So many wonderful things happening in #belfast lots of #belfastparks

Went to #victoria park beside the #belfastcityairport great for #airplanespotting

#greatwalks #playpark #picnic benches we opted for the grass lots of places for lovely pics 

Oops forgot the bowls had to use the glasses for the kids pasta

Cara tried to push the tree over was very close

Then #banbridgepark beside #tesco is great has 3 areas one for #babies one for older kids with lots of #slides I even had a go myself it was so much fun #lettinggo #mindfulness #livelikeachild

#freefun #suncameout #dayoutwithkids


Even #bunny had a go #next original 


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Muddy puddles 

#peppa pig would be proud of us, we went out for a walk it was raining I was like are you serious so I agreed put my wellies on and raincoat and then a double rainbow 🌈 and the sun.

So we headed off on a walk kids walking in all the puddles then we turn the corner and there’s a massive puddles so I splash about in it with the kids very tame #next wellies and raincoats great prices and always a need in this country.

Then #markdonaldson wearing nice white 👟 jumped in the big #muddypuddle and I was like omg 😲 could not believe my eyes 

Is he mad????????!!!!!!!!!!

Well yeah I thought so then the kids jumped in there was mud splashing everywhere I was getting covered too now normally I would have ran away covered in muck thinking of being wet, what if someone saw me? The washing kids will need washed etc etc anxiety and I could see the lesson Mark was trying to teAch me #letgo #mindfulness. So I was covered in mud bum and legs soaked, kids squelching along in their water filled wellies and all I could do was laugh every time they took a step. So I thought what the heck so I jumped on too soaked mud splashing everywhere not worrying about being wet or the mess I would have to clean up afterwards I just lived in the moment and had #fun #liveinthemoment. 

The key to #overcomingdepression live like a child have fun don’t worry about the consequences after don’t worry about the mess or if someone sees they’re probably just jealous. I know it’s not that easy but #nature is one of the best healers and a good counsellor #belfastcouncillinggroup.

After over 3 years with my counsellors and #CBT I feel strong for the first time in along time, confidence growing.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt you need to love yourself and believe in yourself to be 😊 😁 #happy #believeinyourself #loveyourself learn to put yourself first as if you’re not in a good place your no good to anyone.

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Healthy scotch eggs 

 I love #scotch eggs used to eat them as a child and haven’t had them since. Don’t eat them as I don’t like pork very fatty so have stayed away from them, had a real graving for them so decided to make my own.

Got 4 eggs 

Booked for 5 mins then put in cold water to cool

I Then got some #turkey from #tesco seasoned with some ice oil about a table spoon and pinch of salt can add spices and chilliest for my flavoursome version 

You can also use falafel instead of meat to wrap the eggs in

So after leaving the eggs to cool for an hour I dip them in lemon juice freshly squeezed then wrap the mince round it and coat it in mixed seeds chai and pumpkin and crushed up nuts use whatever type you like then you can shallow fry them in olive, avacado or flaxseed oil to crisp the cook in oven at 180o for 20-30 mins.

Then serve with a tomato relish and some rocket and avacado for a leaner healthier fat aternative 

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Debt & diet detox. 

img_1739So this is Day 2 of detox have shopped online but only browsed not bought anything gave all my credit cards to Mark so I only have the money on my bank account which gets eaten up with direct debits to keep a roof over our heads.

Started back on eBay as well to sell clothes to help clear some debt and stop shopping #lynncarlawolsey on #ebay there will be lots to come need to clear the house out.

Detox diet 3 weeks to hol so no choc no cereal no more bread sweets etc loading up on eggs 🍳 and fruit 🍉 and 🥜.

What you should have in your diet



#Green tea #twinings new finds the salted caramel is lovely too

#Frozen berries cheaper and the goodness of fresh ones with some #walnuts sprinkled some chai seeds for energy and some #pumpkin seeds toasted on the pan until the pop amazing snack great for the immune system and some #low fat Greek yogurt best love this one #tesco #coconutyogurt 

Lunch #omlette just 2 eggs some

Milk pinch of salt and add some veg if you want I love some mushrooms and a bit of cheese good protein power lunch yum

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Hoop pole silks 

I’m loving my aerial fitness looks so way but is really tough on the legs and arms. I’m so tired and don’t want to go but I know when I go I love it something for me to learn that’s exciting and great for fitness, meet some fantastic people and get some head space away from the kids you don’t realise you need until you get there. Love these trousers #nextsale #nike actually kids cheaper.

A night away from the Bedtime routine is bliss.

My fitness wardrobe is growing shorts from #ebay top is #ivypark #topshopsale £5 the advantages of being tiny always small sizes left #bargainshopper.

#flyawayaerialstudio #aerialfitness