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Saturday night pizza

Yummy healthy Saturday night tea

Sweet potato pizza

Whizz 2 sweet potato with one egg and half a cup of buckwheat flour or oats

Then place on a baking sheet with baking paper

Cook for 10 mins then flip over for another 10 mins then add your sauce and toppings and cook for 15 mins

I topped mine with passata sauce and tomato paste, kale, spinach, peppers, mushroom, half an avocado and cheddar cheese

I normally add Parmesan and mozzarella cheese but o didn’t have any

Finally topped with some red and green pesto and a sprinkling of pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Really yummy and filling even the kids love it

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Bank holiday weekend breakfast

What am amazing breakfast looked so good I didn’t want to eat it

A yummy smoothie protein bowl

2 scoops protein powder

Frozen berries and blueberries


Top with chai seeds, 3 almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, half a sliced banana, a drizzle of natural yogurt and a sprinkling of homemade museli

So yum so filling so full of nutrition, slow release carbs, vitamins, minerals, potassium, protein and omega 3

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Foodie Friday superfoods

I love coming up with new recipes and today I have created an amazing smoothie





Green apple

1 scoop whey protein powder

Water and ice

Check out the amazing benefits from

Boosting energy, lose weight, burn fat, antioxidants, build lean muscle, faster recovery, fertility, anti inflammatory, helps with immune system, gut health, beta carotene, strengthen bones, help prevent cancer, vit C, iron for vegans, helps with depression, stabilise blood sugars and lower blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few benefits of these superfoods I try to have daily.

Whey protein I use is

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Sunday Breakfast mix

Yummy breakfast as always my fav meal of the day sets me up in the right way

Blueberry yogurt

Sliced banana

Frozen blueberries

2 tbsp homemade museli

Chai seeds

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds



A great mixture of everything you need protein, omega3, good fats, slow release carbs, vits and minerals

Happy Sunday everyone start the day and week with a healthy breakfast and feel the difference detox after a heavy night out lots of water of course and bananas are great packed with potassium as well

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Summer jumpsuits

Summer is definitely here so why not treat your wardrobe to a few new items

I am loving the summer jumpsuits they are amZing and can be worn during the day into the evening just by swapping a flat for a heel

Check out all my summer range at

Free delivery with code FREEDELSUMMER while stocks last the stock is selling out fast so be quick if you want to secure your size

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Protein cocktails for summer

This is what i do when the kids aren’t about

Drink protein cocktails? Who said shakes are boring and not real food?????

Oh my god but this is amazing you have to try it it’s my pineapple delight shake

1 scoop of protein shake

1 scoop of protein powder

4 tbsp coconut yogurt

Half a glass of coconut milk

1/4 fresh pineapple

So thick and creamy and tropical

I love coming up with new ways to have my amazing shakes helping me lose those lbs I’ve been struggling with and getting lean muscle

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Oats so different

Morning breakfast porridge is always a great option it will keep you full slow release carbs packed with antioxidants, great to control sugar cravings and lower blood pressure just watch what you add to it.

I use oats in smoothies, shakes, buns, bars, protein balls, overnight oats, instead of breadcrumbs etc they are amazing so make sure you get some in your cupboard at home check out my blog for more recipes

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Lisburn castle gardens with the unicorns

Lovely day out with my big bro and my beautiful niece and my two rascals at castle gardens in Lisburn

Another free event

The girls had a horse ride with Cinderella, met some dinosaurs and unicorns and just chilled

Back to school tomorrow and need to do some work again 😰

Hope everyone had an amazing bank holiday weekend and let’s look forward to the next one in a few week x

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Ladies night

Happy Saturday and Bank holiday everyone

I was at a ladies night last night in lurgan arranges by the amazing Gemma Wellwood was really well organised great turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy the night

Loved talking to everyone about health, fitness and wellbeing, helping people find new ways to lose weight, build lean muscle and swap some of those bad foods for more nutritious alternatives.

Also talked a little about the amazing isagenix and how their amazing products have changed my life and gave me the energy and confidence to be able to get up in front of people and inspire them and talk about my business which until a year ago had been a dream.

All I can say is there are so many amazing network marketing companies giving women the ability to have it all, to earn good money when they want to, to be able to leave their kids to school pick them up, go to their activities, meet up with friends for a coffee or go for a run when the kids are in bed. Having the freedom to earn money for bills, for those little extras and the dreams as well.

So when someone asks you to take a look at one of these businesses take a look their seem unbelievable but they are giving women their freedom back to do something they live without the normal restrictions of getting time of work, having to work in an office, set times, no pay rise, stress, missing out on life.

This is the future of working and the chance for women to earn more than men and be an amazing mum.

Thank you to everyone who listened and I hope I inspired you to not just settle by go after what you want in life, make changes go get those dreams.

I hope you liked my healthy goodies as well so if you want to make them yourself here are the recipes and if anyone wants any advice or info on any of my services or products then just on me.

Open your mind to new possibilities

Email me if you are interested in anything I’ve talked about

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Foodie Friday treats

Foodie Friday 🥜

Workout done

Baking done

Protein lunch after workout

This is my amazing lunch who is jeaaallllooouuussssss!!!!!!!!!!!

Mocha shake

1 scoop protein powder

2 scoops mocha shake

1 tbsp chai powder

Top with chai seeds or you can blend with the shake as well for added nutrition and a little sprinkle of chai powder

Served with my delish sweet potato brownies

The amazing thing about these is they are healthy, vegan, amazing nutrition and so filling so you won’t want to binge out on them

Check out my blog

For more delish recipes

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