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Symptoms of depression

the symptoms of depression are very hard to identify if a doctor tries to identify if you are depressed or a midwife they ask do you feel like you might harm yourself or baby of course you font but do they want to wait until you do?..

how do you know you’re depressed?

feeling tired do you struggle to get out of bed every morning

the stigma is if you’re depressed you cant get out of bed in the morning I struggle every morning but I have very rarely given in as I never wanted to be depressed I just wanted to be normal and having responsibilities like a mortgage or kids is the motivation I needed to get my bum out of bed every morning

obsessed with shopping having certain things that you had to have trawling websites for weeks until you found it at the right price why well again it’s for the drugs when we shop we produce the harmone dopamine its a real high and you get a real buzz and makes you feel good but after every high there’s a low did I need that could I afford that of course not then anxiety kicks in, you hide your purchases, hide bank statements and just feel guilty was it worth the answer is yes why is the country in such debt because we’re DEPRESSED

low self esteem and self worth

ive always had low confidence and self worth could never understand why I felt like I did but these feelings brought me to a real low and a life long eating dusorder that  ruled my life.

unable to laugh, sing, smile, being unsocial, anxious all the time, irritable, moody, problems sleeping, over analysing things, being irrational, worrying, obsessed with organising and planning, low voice, scared of those in authority, confrontation and criticism.

Deal with it now go to your doc, ring a helpline or counsellor to help understand what treatment is best for you, listen to your body and mind and don’t let depression control your life and kill your personality and you can enjoy life again.






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Being a single Mum with depression

Understanding the black dog  This is the book I read after I realised I had suffered from depression all my life after speaking to a councillor and being so disillusioned and vulnerable I had been unable to deal with my depression and had developed coping mechanisms to try and help me cope and I just accepted that was the way I was and as I hadn’t experienced normal life I had nothing to compare it to. After taking the antidepressants and getting the dose right I came back to life I felt alive the dark cloud had finally disappeared from over my head my eyes became alive and bright and had so much energy for life, I wanted to do so many things I had been unable to do due to the anxiety that was holding me back from living my life I don’t want anyone to have to suffer this disease once you realise you have it deal with it take whatever drugs you are offered and find out what the route cause was this is your trigger which you have to learn to cope with. This book explains how your brain works and how it makes us react the way we do and how misunderstood you become to other people.

When I got married I thought it was forever but life throws lots of different hurdles and it doesn’t always happen. After a hard time trying to cope with being a single mum with 2 young children after counselling and taking anti depressants I am finally coming back to life. I have rediscovered the person I’ve always dreamed of being, I spent my whole life looking for this person who was locked away by depression. Depression is such a misunderstood illness. The basics are that it is something some of us are born with and can be hereditary. Explained it is basically I don’t produce enough seratonin this is the harmone which makes you happy fell energetic and motivated, able to cope with whatever life throws at you, gIves you confidence and self worth. That’s why doctors recommend exercise as when we exercise our bodies produces the harmone serotonin and that is why I was so obsessed with exercise and felt unable to cope with whatever I had to deal with that day. Much like a diabetic who doesn’t produce enough insulin someone with depression doesnt produce enough seratonin and antidepressants in the right dose balances your harmoes and as your whole physical, mental and emotional health is controlled by our hormones that is why it is such a serious illness and it can cause other illnesses to develop such as eating disorders, heart problems and fertility problems. Depression is often missed as it is hard to diagnose and only when it develops into one of the above illnesses is treatment issued but it never deals with the underlying illness of depression.

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Hello world!

why have I started this blog well life has been full of ups and downs and I believe I have been put through all of this for a reason to helps others to not make the same mistakes and sharing my experiences, advise and tips to get through all of the difficulties in life.


Having suffered with an eating disorder, fertility treatment, depression and now a marriage break up. All I’ve been searching for all my life is happiness and have struggled to be happy being pulled down into depression through all of the downs devastating my life and my marriage.

We can read all of these self help books and go on diets, overeat turn to other things to bury the sadness and try to deal with life. I have discovered that true happiness is inside us all we just need to understand ourselves and learn to love ourselves because if we do we will attract love, happiness and all the things we need to be truly happy.

join me on my journey to find happiness looking at different therapies, exercise, diet, clothes, kids, how to cope being a mum and looking at the way our minds work and how we are in control of our actions.