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Day 2 detox

So I’m still in the straight and narrow even though there’s temptations everywhere.

Brekkie was just yogurt a few walnuts broken up, pumpkin seeds and chai seeds 1 spoonful of museli 250cals fab museli is #alpen

Had no snack but went to #tesco to stock up on good healthy food a big shop went to Roast coffee shop had a #berrytea #herbaltea #sukitea and had another #nakedbar

This was lunch not great but then grabbed a #banana and some #walnuts to keep me going then some leftover #chickpeas and #butterchicken to see me through to tea #keytoweightloss #portionsize

Then off to #ballet #ajendance #banbridge #captaincooks to do homework normally have a cappuccino and brownie but we had instead a normal #tea and Mya had a reduced fat and sugar brownie these are great if you’re finding it hard giving up cakes and buns #fibreone #chocolatebrownie #90cals

Tea then was made for me thank you Mark it was #basmatirice #chilliveg #chicken my normal portion is one chicken breast each now it’s one between 2 if not less

It was so yummy I forgot to take a pic if it’s too hot add natural yogurt also notice the #bowlsize this helps reduce portion therefore #calorieintake #naturalyogurt is a great alternative for sauces instead of using cream

Super will then be a cup of #tea and a large #orange #vitc

Tomorrow I will go through my shopping and share some great recipes and food alternatives to your favs

#willpower #achievement #selfconfidence #singlemoms #girlpower #mummypower #justdoit #tesco

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Day 1 detox

So this time I’m determined.

Cut down my brekkie to 200 cals

Snack banana rice cracker and some

Peanut butter 200 cals

Drinks 1 coffee, green tea with lemon and hot water and lemon and water

Hadn’t been for a run in ages managed to do it without stopping 4.5 miles but felt heavy then took this pic and was disgusted at the size of my thighs and all the disgusting sugar I had put into my body of late and this has motivated me to get back to my highest fitness and get riped. I do love running the fresh air and sunshine the motivation afterwards after the rush of endorphins makes me feel amazing and ready to tackle everything on my list and boost my confidence.

Then lunch was a 2 egg omelette with a bit of Parmesan 250 cals

Did get hungry after lunch had a #naked bar love these no addictive just natural sugars mostly just dates and nuts 120 cals always aim for #snacks around 100 cals no more and no more than 2 snacks a day if not fruit

It was my daughters birthday last night so we had a #Chinese bad on first day but I had #boiledrice and #curryveg and a few prawn crackers this is the healthiest way to do a Chinese and then an orange and cup of tea before bed.

Feel so much better for stopping the crap and determined to stick at it now and will update my progress and diet daily and hopefully see a huge difference in my shape by the end of the month.

#willpower #determination #strength #goals #achievement #motivation #fitness #healthy #happy #mentalhappiness #mentalwellbeing

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Sugar overload

So how’s the diet going???

Well I made all of these, obviously I had to sample along the way and then I had to try them all so now I feel sick.

I really overdid it after getting myself up all week to workout I let myself with a sugar feast.

February will be sugar free only natural sugars will pass these lips needs to get into the best shape of my life and stop eating crap am I human yes I have the same struggles as the rest of the normal people with social events etc feeling tired just want sugar and carbs worst thing to do of course as it just makes us more tired.

So tomorrow a run, no more artificial sugars bread once a week and alcohol only at weekends sorry can’t go dry completely.

This is how I used to do it and just need to stick to this and I’ll get back in shape.

Stick to this and the weight will drop off

Lots of water add lemon hot or cold

Some fruit

Low carbs if you can’t do without do whole meal grains and rice, quinoa, beans and chickpeas all slow release and sugar free oats

Meat try to stick with lean meats chicken, turkey and fish all low in fat high in protein and good oils

Veg lots of greens broccoli cabbage beans carrots ginger garlic tomatoes kale spinach onions can actually burn more calories eating these avacadoes but don’t overdo as you need to limit the good fats as well

Snacks unsalted nuts approx 12 is 100 calories fruit #energy balls dates crackers #naked bars #low sugar natural or Greek yogurt the best I love #activia

Dressings and sauces use lemon juice mixed with a bit of olive oil and Tahiti and salt if you have

Sauces if using cream swap with natural yogurt for creamy pastas risotto in citrus etc cuts Cala in seconds

#Eggs yes these are great #avacodes with #poached egg #omelettes all good protein sources

Breads best are #flatbreads one can have as little as 200 cals and Delish also only eat wholemeal never white

Alcohol lowest cal is gin and tonic it’s the cocktails with lots of fruit juice and sweeteners and beers are the worst for building the fat up

Exercise walking is best works whole body #yoga or #pilates really good for strengthening and stretching you don’t need the gym a waste of money you can do DVDs best I’ve tried that are fast at losing the pounds and toning up is #insanity and #t25 from they really get you in shape fast and very fit in back on it again really motivates you and makes you feel good too. You can go outside #run, #walk, #cycle or do enjoyable classes #ballet for adults #ajendance #aerobics not just for kids #wallclimbing #aerialaerobics #flyawayaerial studio where you can do #aerialhoop #aerialsilks and #pole great for strengthening, stretching and #buildingconfidence we’re all different shapes and siZes but all beautiful.

Only you can do this get a good routine getting up in the morning to exercise has been best for me sets me up for day and helps control my appetite during the day and not give into treats.

Early nights, meal planning, getting the whole family on board with meals and exercise it’s great for the whole #family and is easier to maintain.

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My fav chocolatey healthy snacks

I absolutely love these #snacks #chocolate energy bites so yum but also so #healthy

The recipe is from #deliciouslyella amazing recipes it’s all natural no artificial sugars so natural and yummy

You just whizz everything up in a blender and that’s it. When you have a choc craving or low energy grab one of these. You can change the nuts you use or at coconut or I use essence to flavour them differently like vanilla essence or maple syrup.

To make nut butter just just need to roast your nuts in the oven for 10 mins then blend they will turn into a paste after 15 mins but you can add a bit of water to help if it’s not sticking together.

So much healthier easy to make and take with you when you get the nibbles.


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New Years false start

We all have New Years resolutions and the same as the rest of you I have succumbed to the temptations of the kids left overs, left over kids chocolates from Xmas and the rest. Made a gingerbread house with the kids but then it had to be demolished and eaten, I know so sad.

So what have I done that’s positive? Well I have started to drag myself out of bed in the mornings to do my workouts, it’s so hard especially with the cold but it is good for a routine and really good for that mood lift in the morning.

Bought scales haven’t weighed myself in years and did discover I’ve put on a few so not me. Got these scales #salter from #argos as it doesn’t just calculate your weight but your water and fat levels so much better as we panic as our weight goes up, don’t forget when you start to exercise you will build muscle and it weighs more so you will put on weight at the start. It usually take 6 weeks after exercising before you will start to loose weight.

Muscle is good the more you build the more calories you will burn.

I have managed to finally do splits on both sides and back at my class #aerial #aerialsilks #aerialhoop #pole #polefitness #flyawayaerialstudio learnt some new moves but need to work on my flexibility and handstands.

So diet wise how can I help???

Still needing to snack or Have a nut allergy I have been obsessed with #pumpkinseeds for years apparently good for fertility have been covering my food in them for years. Out of the packet not very tasty.

Really hard work to eat but if you toast them on the pan until they pop they are #addictive #snacks #healthysnacks they are also great to add to cereal and salads to give it that little crunch.

My breakfast is always green tea and water with lemon through the day instead of tea and coffee but usually have a least one a day. Breakfast great to start the day with some fruit but I find fresh fruit goes off so quickly now so I buy frozen berries available in all supermarket you can have them frozen with some nuts, pumpkin seeds, chai seeds, sprinkling of walnuts and some myself then yogurt fav is #alprovanilla #yogurts or you can put the fruit and nuts, seeds etc on the pan and heat up yummy with muesli like a fruit crumble with some yummy yogurt over the top it’s like a dessert for breakfast.

Well that’s it for today tomorrow I will show you some yummy but healthy snacks to replace your #chocolateaddiction

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New year new me

So 2017 had its ups and downs but 2018 is going to be my year. I have chilled out and slowed down in the last year but it is time to start moving forward now and planning for the future.

8FDE008A-73C7-4A1C-8946-C03298DABBE7After having a very merry Christmas eating more than I have ever eaten and not thought about the consequences, not being anxious about getting out to exercise I can say I had a very good xmas. Kids were happy so that meant I’d done a good job.

Im knackered now after having so much going on over xmas, working, cooking, entertaining, decorating and the usual housework and running after the kids. I have had a lot of lie ins so will be a struggle to get back to work.

But this is day 1 of the new year for me, time to plan and make some actions this year.

So what are my goals for this year

1. Get super fit

2. Start my own business

3. Start making money and stop spending it

4. Make more time for loved ones

5. Stop spending money on clothes

6. Perform pole, silks and hoop

So to start I am on a detox


#nomorealcohol only special occasions





So follow me on my journey where I will create an amazing low fat, delicious, sustainable diet posting up exciting new recipes every week and share the best exercises to target those pain in the ass areas where all our indulgences cling to. Building on confidence and looking amazing with the latest and best beauty and fashion tips I can find.

so create those goals set achievable goals and create a timeline to make sure you are making progress to your 2018 goals.

#perserverance #determination #strength #confidence #aspirational #achiebvable


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Snowmood like Christmas mood

I love Christmas I love the snow the nostalgia but hate the cold and the anxiety the weather brings, will I get to work, will I get the kids to school and get them home again?

9D2002C7-9843-4562-BA0E-769C9945E0F4.jpegThis was our garden so I wasn’t risking going out in car or having to go back to kids, nightmare. So I declared a snow day.

I love the snow went a bit mad must have given me lots of endorphins as this is what I did.


some fun in the snow ❄️ some cool shots for my social media not in bad shape but need a lot more work. The #trampoline is a really good workout and when cold and half dressed your body has to work harder and burns more calories.

Couldnt resist Had to do a #snowangel


It was freezing but definitely woke up my #metabolism. To finish the fun we well I built a snowman or snowoman I think it looks like. Good workout, was having so much fun I forgot what time it was true #mindfulness the key have fun like a kid don’t worry about what you look like or what other people think be #confident and have #fun be #carefree like a child.


so proud of my snowoman we got some nice pics as well don’t need to get a fake snow pic when we have #realsnow

#keytohapliness #letgo #havefun #beatdepression #exercise the body #stimulates the brain 🧠 #aware #mindfulness

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Beating Winter blues

I suffer from depression so every morning is a struggle it’s pitch black outside and my body just wants to listen to my brain that is saying ‘stay in bed in so nice and warm’ so I listen to it after my first alarm and second then finally drag myself out of bed when I realise I have 30 mins to get the 3 of us out the door and fed.

so my routine is blown out of the water can’t get up therefore haven’t been doing my exercises in the morning to boost my endorphins and set me up for the day as for a social life I become a recluse in winter prefer to go into Hibernation Just coming out to go to work and whatever the kids need so hard to get myself motivated.


go to bed earlier easier said than done only me time I get

set alarm earlier and actually get up

do some exercises

coffee a must

organise everything the night before I do try there’s always something missing

change all clocks to be earlier than it actually is

Anyway the fact I dislocated my foot again has meant no exercise or being able to get out for a week and eating stodgy food help I need to get out of this rut.

how? Make lists, sets rules, make menus, don’t buy treats for a while follow your plan and calendar give yourself 3 goals to achieve everyday start small otherwise you’re overwhelmed and give up before you start

So back to my class toe taped up so afraid of it going out again which I was told will happen ggggrrrrrr so did some pole and hoop

Can flip myself upside down now and was spinning on the hoop as well love this class it is all I have for me it’s tge me time when I’m not mummy and don’t have to care about how short my shorts are or how big my bum is etc it builds confidence where you don’t care we all have bits of our bodies we don’t like we have to accept what we have improve if you want and love yourself body and you will love yourself then the world will fall in love with you.

2FD81B10-E803-436E-97AA-6D2B2E4A1D68.jpegIts great exercise, social and confidence builder for anyone of any age of build.

#flyawayaerialstudio #lisburn #pole

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Halloween Family Fun

9BF9654D-6C0F-475F-B039-38FBEDFABCC7.jpegCan not believe it is Halloween already where has the summer gone to. I do love autumn but do struggle with the dark mornings set 2 sometimes 3 alarms and switch them all off leaving me with half an hour to get myself and 2 kids out fed and dressed for 9am starts. I need to stop this I really must put my mood lamp on and use it to make me up refreshed I will review next time to see if any good.

October is a busy month so we had Cara’s 4th birthday got lots of #moana toys, I made a #tigercake for her birthday I will share more details later it was yum.


We went to #streamvale farm to see lots of animals and pick and carve pumpkins a great fun #halloween family day out.

Mya also started #horseriding lessons at #limeequestrian centre Moira great deals £80 for 8 lessons, horses lovely and teacher is really good definitely recommend I’ve tried a lot of places very expensive so can never afford to keep her at the lessons and it’s what she really loves and wants to do.

back at #pole again at #flyawayaerialstudio in Lisburn loving the #spinningpole, back breaking #hoop moves and #silks.2976AC9B-65E7-409D-B684-DC670980CBD0.jpeg

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Morning struggles life struggles

👀 at the calendar and the clocks go back at the end of the month so driving home in the dark and not wanting to go outside just want to lie in front of the TV no that is so depressing.

A7BF3F5F-60F2-43EF-ACA9-34BB2EE9756E.pngget some reflective gear #ebay or is good for these so cheap great stuff for xmas presents I’m nearly done using and #argos 3 for 2 on toys.

so get your wellies and reflective gear go out for #walks #splashing in muddy puddles #cycles fresh air is such a cleanser for the head and the body.

Feel like shit in the dark mornings you’re not alone join the club every morning I knock off both alarms and fall asleep then everything is a rush to get the kids to school and I feel like shit #solution #gotobedearlier but I want to catch up on my programmes before bed I know but not good before bed best #bedtime routine snacks banana or cherry juice has melamine which helps make you tired #camomiletea #readabook #amazon  makes the eyes tired and distracts the mind from your real problems. Put your phone on charge and in #flightmode so easy to just pick up and read all the crap people put up on facebook and the funny stuff too addictive then the #browsing the shops #technology is evil. Also if you’re a #worrier and a #multitasker make lists at night of what all you need to do the next day so you’re mind can rest instead of worrying also #lavender sprays or drops are amazing just drop or spray on your pillow knocks you out #boots chemists.

7194C154-3735-42AB-9E8B-CE4E77CB66DE.pngThis used to be my bedtime routine I woke up exercises then got kids to school now I’m just so tired and demotivated in the morning.

Getting everything organised in the morning uniforms lunches etc makes the morning easier knowing all the shortcuts to school others haven’t discovered yet, being able to apply makeup while eating breakfast and srying my hair in 5 mins I have it down to a fine art all in an hour this morning half an hour.

always remember before you drive off on the car #takeafewdeepbreaths #mindfulness it might be what helps you cope in your day or prevents you from that silly accident on the way to work. #awareni



if you can change your morning drive take a Different route or change something you do in the morning keeps you’re mind active and you notice new things that #stimulate your brain, make you slow down and appreciate everything around us we are always rushing from one place to another just take a minute out of your day to appreciate life as for some it is very precious and when you realise it is very short you start to appreciate the little things like the sky at night, the stars, birds singing, collecting different coloured leaves, spotting a squirrel running across the road, kids laughing and having fun treasure these images these moments because one day you will not be able to appreciate the simple things in life and you will regret not living your life but merely existing. Mark you make me appreciate these little things because Life is so precious be strong, be brave, we love you.

7355787C-9182-4B63-BADA-919E7229A4B3 #chondrosarcoma #cancer