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Day 4

image.jpgThis is so true rally listen and focus on what that person is saying

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Day 3

today is about living in the moment

take a deep breath step outside and appreciate the smells and sounds of nature


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Day 2


Get up breath do your body scan and live in the moment

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Everyday mindfulness

I did a mindfulness course earlier in the year and it changed my life how I thought existed reacted and loved my life. Life was good I got up every morning did my exercise and my mindfulness as well but over time as the mornings got busier with kids being back at school and getting into work the mindfulness slowly slipped it isn’t effective if you don’t make it part of your everyday.

I did the course through aware NI chairs for depression it was amazing

learn more about mindfulness

the courses available. Life has got on top of me again not in control things getting on top of me so now I have to start looking after me again so back to my mindfulness and healthy eating as I have become addicted to sugar .

I have got this book to help me to do the mindfulness everyday.


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End of my journey

how do I describe how I feel now content happy excited about my future just have so much going on and it feels amazing.

I have encountered such generosity and kindness of strangers during my journey made so many new friends and who have listened to me comforted me and been there for me on my darkest days.

Doubting myself as a person my ability to do anything. I no longer care about what people think of me I am who I am. I have so much confidence now as people have told me how amazing I am and have never valued myself always hated myself using food to feed and control my emotions.

I feel like I have finally found the real me and have never felt happier the secret I’m happy on my own I feel free and full of life now and my eyes say it all. I feel like I can trust again and hopefully love again one day.

It is a long journey where I thought I never get to the of I didn’t think I was strong enough but I know I am and will be able to deal with anything life throws at me it al happens for a reason to direct us in the right way in our lives whether it’s friends, relationships, jobs and the things we dream are achievable there is no such thing as can’t find the strength and go after what you want and discover what your real passion in life is and then find someone to share it.

my biggest lesson in life is never depend on others for your happiness it comes from within and only when you love yourself can you truely love another.

live life to the full we don’t know when our last day will be.

Be healthy as this will help you be happy food is fuel don’t use it to feed your emotions you only end up starving yourself or eating too much of tee wrong things. Exercise as it releases the happy harmones and you feel better when you are healthy, look good and then feel good.

the most attractive quality in a person is confidence it means they are happy with themselves and therefore happy.

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All the single mothers

Being a mum is the hardest job in the world you have to be strong for your kids no matter what is going on in your life you will always put them first no matter what. You out you’re career on hold your needs and wants are not even a consideration you give up your body your mind your sleep but still no matter what you do it is never enough.

If you love and protect your kids and put their mental and emotional well being you are looked upon as being too strict over protective and mentally unstable because you don’t want to be seperated from your kids and you understand the impact it has on them.

I have spoken to so many single mothers and it seems to be the same thing over and over. The man walks away takes everything and is given everything no matter what his behaviour is and the mother is left with nothing but stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, guilt and debt.

where is the justice in this world it definately is a mans world

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Travel round the world with IKEA Belfast

image.jpegIf you’re not getting the chance to get away this summer then drop into IKEA Belfast every Wednesday and Thursday 12noon to 4pm each day until the 25th August where you can experience different cultures from around the world.

You will experience amazing music, dance and arts and crafts from that country with an IKEA family exclusive workshop with a free gift bookable online or at a kiosk Instore. There is also face painting and a dress up area for the kids to get into the theme and have lots of fun.

The fun begins this Wednesday with Chinese week where you will be greeted by a Chinese lion and dragon, experience Chinese fan dance, make Chinese lanterns and Chinese calligraphy.

The last week in July we will go to Poland where the will be traditional dancers, jump jiggle and jive kids dancing as well as chandelier flower making.

The third week is Swedish week where we will have maypole dancing, lantern and Malta horse crafts. On Thursday from 5:30-8:30pm we will have our traditional crayfish party where you can enjoy a 3 course buffet of crayfish and other delights as well as a cocktail and another drink while enjoying music from abba tribute band the Bjorn Identity.

week 4 you can experience the colour and vibrancy of Latin America with samba music and dancers as well as piñata making workshops.

week 5 we will experience Irish and Ulster Scots dancing, some Celtic stain glass making and potato painting.

last week we go to India for Bollywood dancing, face painting, henna tattoos, craft workshops, little Bollywood and dressing up.

All Entertainment and activities are FREE

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Kids summer fun

As a single mum of 2 kids I know only too well that while the summer is great for the kids it’s a bit of a knightmare for mums with increased nursery bills over the summer.

Most of the play parks in Northern Ireland are getting done up with brand new equipment for all ages try the one on hillsborough is good you can also go to the forest park to feed ducks, have a picnic and go for a walk or there are some fabulous restaurants. There’s also a wee maze the kids love.

banbridge solitude park has a new one that is great for big ones and small ones you can also go to the swimming pool or cinema or go for a walk round the park.


Belfast I love the park on the Lisburn road cranmore park just new as well and some great reataurant opposite including Maud’s and little wing great for kids or there’s picnic benches in the park as well.

Belfast castle is another favourite park massive but you have to pay in a good before or after activity after the zoo to tire them out.

Stormont has great walks and a great park for all ages as well a great place to go for a picnic

Colin glen forest park in west Belfast is great especially if your kids love the gruffalo and fairies you can follow the gruffalo trail and meet all the characters from the book and also go to the fairy kingdom also lots of walking uphill so bring a buggy and a picnic.

Anothor great one is slieve Gullion the other side of Newry Great Walks massage playground and magical fairyland and great areas for picnics

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Sustainable living


So we are coming to the end of the LiveLagom project and it is just the beginning of a new way of living for me and the kids.

My focus has been to live a healthier life cutting down on my food waste and cutting down on my expenses and have I achieved it I have achieved it and a lot more.

As a busy single mother food needs to be healthy but also fast and I don’t want to waste any food as money is tight now. So what have I done to achieve this well I make bigger portions then freeZe half for another night, and leftovers goes into a lunchbox for my lunch the next day or for the kids. Any fruit of veg going off I blitz to make a juice or freeze for another time, I always scoop up all the reduced items in the supermarket, trying to eat less meat and bulk meals up with grains, pulses and lots of green veg.

The next stage for me is to become more self sufficient and grow my own so I am going to invest in hydroponics to grow my own lettuce, a greenhouse to grow tomatoes, peppers and strawberries and a veg patch to grow carrots, parsnips, peas and potatoes this will cut costs, packaging and provide fresh long lasting veg.


My waste has reduced with my grey bin being collected after 5 weeks mainly nappies if you want to cut this down an option is the #nappylibrary who use plastic pants with an inner towel that can be washed I’m at the stage of potty training so my rubbish bin will probably be needing collected every couple of months how amazing if everyone could achieve this.

My bills have all pretty much halved my electricity a year ago was £120 a month now under £50 that’s a yearly saving of £840 a year I still have more savings to be made when I change all light bulbs to LED light bulbs and change supplier, my heating I would have filled up 3 times a year at about £500 total £1500 now it has halved to £750 for a year although the drop in oil prices will have helped but also because I have turned thermostats down, turned radiators off in rooms I don’t use and had boiler serviced. My groceries I used to spend an everage of £100-£120 a week now I have it down to £50-£65 a week so yearly saving of £2400.

So total saving of £3990 enough for some furniture, car, holiday or to clear some debts. I also spend more time outside with kids at parks, forest parks and beach and take picnics cutting down on cost of days out and also benefitting from a healthier body and mind and appreciating nature.

This is a journey I have begun and intend to continue until I become as sustainable as I possibly can and taking my kinds along with me in the hope they will follow the same lifestyle, there are many more things to doscover and money to be saved and I will continue to do so through my blog thanks to IKEA for letting me be a part of this project, supplying me with the tools and inspiration I needed to start this journey.

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3 months on in the project what have I saved

image.jpegWell Spring is here so we have been getting outdoors more getting more fresh air and using less electricity. So this time last year my electricity was £120 a month now it is £50 a month even during the winter. How did I do this? Well I got a meter fitted so I can monitor what I am using, I have turned radiators down in rooms not being used, don’t use the emersion, turned the thermostat down and got the kids to turn lights off and TVs using battery operated lights for their rooms instead of a light and my new super efficient steam oven.

my groceries are down to £60 a month use to be over £100 use old veg in juices or freeze any fruit going off I freeze for smoothies for the kids and use more beans and grains which are lying in my cupboard instead of meat and using leftovers for lunch next day or freezing for another day also instead of eating a whole portion I now onLy eat half and freeze the other half or eat for lunch next day. Therefore my waste has gone down and I only need my waste collected once a month for veg.

Cooking veg al denti which the kids love and far better for you and uses less energy broccoli and carrots a fab now.

next up is our own veg garden we will grow some potatoes, peas, beans and carrots to cut down on our grocery bill even more and as always cooking from fresh. If organised with meal planner and grocery lists you can do it.