So I am nearly 30 days into my isabody challenge and while I was very sceptical as have most people I have spoken to about Isagenix you have to try it to believe it. I took this system of health products to help me to tone up, eat more healthily and most of all to increase my energy never did I think it would lift my depression.

Anyone with depression knows that you are mentally exhausted all the time and this takes its toll on your appetite either over or under eating. You have this heavy cloud hanging over your head like your carrying a weight on your head pushing your eyes down so you constantly feel tired then then makes you physically tired and find it hard to cope with daily tasks like getting up, going to work, doing housework, looking after kids or going out the ritual of getting dressed up which I used to love just became too much hard work.

After 14 days the cloud lifted my eyes felt full of life, my body full of life and mental clarity like I have never known. I feel like the person I have been searching for all these years and was beginning to think she didn’t exist. That confident happy woman who could do anything, deal with anything, multitask and run her own business. Now I feel like I can do that.

I have been running usually only get out once a week when I get a few hours of freedom I. Between I do a 25 min workout everyday including squats, kettlebells and other deep stretching exercises.

I will start sharing my exercises and meal plans when I finish my personal training course and finish my isabody challenge in August.

It is so easy to tone the arms up quickly and helps a lot with my pole, hoop and silks to have that extra upper body strength. And when you’re a single mother you often have to do the heavy lifting round the house so always come in handy.

So what can I say I’m enjoying life so much more, less anxiety, more confidence and enjoy my meals so much more.

so made this lovely curry during the week chickpea and sweet potato curry with basmati rice and black quinoa


2 tbsp veg oil or olive oil

I med red onion, diced

4 garlic cloves minced

4 tsp curry powder

1 1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp cayenne

2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp all spice

2 tsp fresh ginger minced

4 medium sweet potato diced

1 can of chickpeas 425g

240ml veg broth

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 tbsp tomato purée

Pinch of salt

1 can of coconut milk or half a tub of Greek yogurt

Basmati rice and quinoa (one cup with 2 cups water for perfect rice)

Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some pumpkin seeds for some crunch

1. In a big pan add the oil heat the oil, at the onions, garlic and ginger stir for 3 mins.

2. Add spices and tomato purée and stir for 2 mins.

3. Add potatoes, chickpeas, veg broth and bring to a simmer. Medium heat for 15 to 20 mins.

4. Add the yogurt, stir in leave for 2 mins then serve with the rice and quinoa mix.

It is so so good never buy jars of curry so easy to make and none of the sugar, salt and fat of the preserved sauces we will like to buy.

Fresh isn’t always time consuming a few cans of ingredients, chop some veg or you can use this recipe for chicken or salmon curry as well.

Add spices, broth, yogurt done.

Always make fresh and this is single working mom of two If I can do it so can you.

So happy for the warm weather, feeling the sun and wind in my skin. Sitting in the garden listening to the birds chatting to each other never really noticed this before #mindfulness

Love the vitD we all need 20 to 30 mins outside on the sun everyday. And getting to wear lovely summer dresses.

Discovered a new online retailer #stayingsummer

Green Stripe Spaghetti Strap Knot Front Mini Dress

Some amazing dresses really good prizes this is one of my new finds I’ll share more as I find them or go to my Pinterest page for more inspirational recipes, home styling and amazing clothes


Mental cloud has finally lifted

So I am now on day 19 of the isabody isagenix challenge.

How do I feel? I have never been into shakes diets etc I believe in healthy eating and I do eat healthily but I also fill my body with antidepressants and other supplements to try and boost my energy and mood. That’s why I exercise everyday to help boost my mood and energy but even though I eat healthily I would wake up knackered everyday and exercise with no energy. I would then crave sugar and would end up picking on things and binging on chocolate to give me energy only to then feel guilty and no extra energy just extra weight.

I started taking isagenix

😄 to boost my mood

🤸‍♀️ to give me energy to work out, to go to my aerial and pole class, to be able to study, keep on top of things round the house and all the other jobs under my job title of mum and energy to play with my kids and have fun

🧘‍♀️ to help with my depression to take away that mental exhaustion, lack of confidence, anxiety, not wanting to go out, can’t do that as I’ve no energy or no belief in myself I could

🥑 to be healthier than I’ve ever been

🧖‍♀️ to age youth fully in my body and skin and my energy

👩‍👧‍👧 to spend more time with my girls who seem to need me more now than ever

🍞 to be able to buy groceries and cover all my other bills

👙 to help me lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

🛌 better 💤 a really good nights sleep feeling refreshed and energy to tackle the day

🏋🏻‍♀️ to create lean muscle, to be in the beat shape of my life so I can help others to do the same through exercise and isagenix

💸💷 financial freedom

To have disposable income so I can enjoy life and do all the things I want with my family and to help others

If you want to be

The healthiest you’ve ever been with lean body and slower aging

Financially free to not have to worry about bills and enjoy time with family with a job you can do from anywhere whenever you want.

Have extra money for a new car, house, holiday, clothes

If you want all these things then contact me and join me in the Isagenix and watch all of these things come true.

I am just at the beginning and was a complete sceptic until last week when I suddenly had a clear head the mental cloud of depression had lifted I felt more energy, more confidence, my eyes feel huge, I don’t feel anxious anymore feel like I can tackle anything.

Watch this video and if you a better life then contact me



Food combining for weight loss

Here’s some f rest combos for shedding the fat faster.

Most of the time we combine foods for the variety of tastes, but if you do it correctly it can help you lose excess fat. Combining certain foods will give you more energy, enhance your digestion and help to boost your metabolism to burn fat.

🍃 Oatmeal and berries:

Oats is one of the best stomach filling foods there is. Berries are packed with the chemicals called polyphenols that will help in weight loss and can actually stop the build up of fat. By adding this combo to your weekly food plan, it will help you lose weight fast.

🍃 Yogurt + Cinnamon:

If you’re struggling with belly fat then it’s time to add a daily dose of vitamin-D fortified yogurt.

Studies have shown that diets that are rich in both calcium and vitamin C can significantly decrease the amount of unwanted fat your body stores and absorbs. But why should I add cinnamon? Well, because cinnamon is one of the most potent antioxidants that can help to improve your body’s composition and insulin sensitivity. In other words, it can help you ward off the build-up of stomach fat.

🍃 Hard-boiled eggs + Leafy Greens:

We know the weight loss benefits of fresh veggies and leafy greens. But many studies suggest that eggs are one of the most efficient fat burning foods. Eggs can help with the absorption of carotenoids, which are the pigments that give vegetables their color. They also helps with fighting weight gain and can protect you from vision loss, improve skin and nails, build muscle to burn fat and many other benefits.

🍃 Tuna + Ginger:

This food combo might seem unlikely but together they pack a powerful punch! Ginger helps to speed up metabolic process and blocks enzymes that promote inflammation.Tuna contains a type of omega-3 that helps to prevent the storage of fat in your abdominal region. That’s the reason why it’s a perfect combo if you want to help get rid of unwanted fat.

🍃 Spinach + Coconut oil:

Spinach is a leafy green known for promoting a healthy diet and helping to decrease body fat. Coconut oil has tons of health benefits; one of the main ones being weight loss. When you drizzle coconut oil on a handful of spinach, you will create a very powerful metabolic booster.

🍃 Cayenne pepper + Chicken:

If you want to turn up the metabolic heat to help burn fat, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper on baked skinless chicken breast. This will help fill you up for a longer time-frame and increase your calorie burn by as much as 35%. A study done at Purdue University, revealed that adding small quantities of cayenne pepper to your diet daily will help to curb appetite and boost metabolism which leads to weight loss.

🍃 Coffee + Cinnamon:

Coffee in moderation helps to decrease appetite, but it is even more effective when you combine it with the fat burning thermogenic effects of cinnamon. Cinnamon is also very rich in antioxidants that can help to reduce belly fat.

👉🏻 Food combination rules to follow:

Combine spicy food with protein. By doing this you’re guaranteeing that your calorie burn will increase throughout the day. Not only does protein have staying power, meaning it will keep your stomach full for a longer period, but it can also help burn more fat.

👉🏻 Combine healthy fats with carbohydrate-rich foods. The truth is we digest carbohydrates very fast, therefore, they won’t keep you full very long.

They give us the energy and fuel we need for our regular day to day and for workouts. But when you add healthy fats, they digest more slowly which means that you feel fuller much longer and will help to curb your cravings. Good examples of healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil and avocado.

👉🏻 Combine water with high-fiber foods. Have you ever tried to eat dry oats without water? It would like all the water from your mouth and throat just evaporated! That’s because foods high in fiber needs plenty of water to properly digest. When you eat the fiber-rich foods they stay in your digestive track much longer, which means they help to reduce food cravings. So whenever you’re snacking on some dry whole grain food, make sure that you do so with a tall glass of water.


Day 1 of the ISAGENIX challenge

Fed up with always being tired, waking up in the morning knackered feeling like I’ve had no sleep, look in the morning looking wrecked with black eyes. I do my workout hardly enough energy to get through it and my energy doesn’t increase even when I fill myself full of fruit, yogurt, Low GI carbs, lots of veg, grains, cheese, lean protein and lots of water but still no energy, feeling tired 💤 driving to work, in work and on way home. Just tired, tired, tired all the time and always sick flu, colds, coughs.

If this is you then join the club, you live with it fill yourself full of pills every morning from vitamin D to antidepressants and still feel no different.

So when someone told me their story and I saw how full of energy she was, she inspired me and I saw what a difference #isagenix had made to her life and I thought sure what have I to lose so I decided to sign up to the #isagenix challenge. Today was my first day after I received my box yesterday.


So I did a live video to open my box and go through the products and the programme check out the link below


These are the products

For my breakfast I had a shake, tablet and a drink


Mid morning snack was an apple and a wafer snack

Finally I got myself sorted and got my makeup and hair done, it’s amazing what a difference that makes. Next thing I knew it was lunch so time for another shake I tried the vanilla this time, another supplement and of course some water.

Afternoon I was getting a bit hungry but it was time for what I had been waiting for an Isadelight chocolate salted caramel and it was delicious 😋 Loved it also had an orange hydrate drink and then an eshot caffeine shot to give me that last hot before tea. Summer is here trying out my new dress from @mango.com


As the weather was lovely we headed for a paddle at the beach and then the park for lots of serotonin and endorphins from the fresh air, the sand between our toes and the sun on our skin and the exercise at the park.


Finally it was time for tea and I couldn’t wait really hungry for food. Tea can be whatever you want but if course healthy and under 600 cals so I had a lovely salad with rocket, avacadoes, onions, peppers, mozzarella cheese, sunblushed tomatoes, tomatoes and cucumber so lots of good fats and some protein and then Some falafel which I love it’s so moorish, spicy a bit and very filling as well and low in fat and high in protein as it’s made from chickpeas.


So that’s it for day 1 just some water and an isamove supplement that is supposed to promote an amazing nights sleep, so some fizzy water with lemon, snuggle on the sofa and watch a film.


Hopefully this is the start of an unbelievable journey that will not only change my life but my kids and many others.


Stay tuned to see how the benefits stack up and the amazing results I will experience fingers crossed



Feeling fitter but energy low

I am feeling fitter and loving my #pole did a hard move a real skin burner

#flyawayaerialstudio #pole also did some silk moves and a routine

I am getting fitter but still finding it hard to shift the bit of weight I want and to kill my old habits of attacking the Easter eggs in the cupboard and staying up late.

This was a yummy #salad #fish #edamane beans #pumpkin seeds #rocket #brocolli #grains #kale

Boil the grains and add a green tea and mint teabag

Dressing was omg

Pulp and rind grated of frozen lemon

Teaspoon of sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar

Read this the #benefits of #frozenlemons big benefits to your health.

I blended up a frozen lemon 🍋 and added some to my salad then used some to add to sparkling #water to make a refreshing drink and have some to add to my hot water with #lemon in the morning and to add to my water throughout the day. #detox #cleanse

The other product I’ve added to my diet is #applecidervinegar another #cleanser and #detoxer it also has other properties and can help in the battle of #cancer basically an #alkaline diet can apparently stop the growth of the cancer cells which has been made by all of the chemicals from the food we eat and water we drink. We’ve created this disease but how can we fight it.

The other

The other product I’ve added to my diet is apple

There are so many #supplements out there I’ve spent my life adding #vitamin tablets #herbal tablets that are supposed to help with #energy production in the body and help with #depression I feel like if someone shook me I’d rattle. I am sick of being #sick too had the #flu for 2 weeks get over that then I get a really bad #cough but every day I wake up #knackered crave #carbs #chocolate to give me the energy to get through the day and to enjoy it not just try to make it through it in one piece, just want to feel alive and full of energy.

Will I ever feel that alive without having to kill myself with #exercise without cutting down on food struggling to stay on top of things then collapsing at night and turning to that bad food #chocolate.

#What do I want?

I want to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in

To have the confidence I’ve always wanted but have never achieved due to my depression

I want to wake up feeling alive like I’ve had the best sleep ever and full of energy and motivation to take on all the days challenges

To not have to take anti depressants and all the other tablets I take to help boost all of my energy

I want to have energy to do all the things I’ve ever wanted to do

To be the most amazing mother to my two daughters and make them proud

To be healthy and most importantly of all happy

Have I found the answer? Maybe!!!!!

I’m very excited to experience and share what I’ve discovered

So keep watching and reading as I think there might be a lot of exciting posts to come

So keep on reading and share with friends


Hoop silk and a pole later

So starting to feel a lot #fitter been exercising everyday doing my #t25 @beachbody.com the workouts are amazing for the legs and stomach. I’m getting leaner and have dropped 6lbs now can see legs toning too.

So did a few dangerous moves as always at pole and hoop but love the feeling of being able to do this and be flexible. Last week was silks, getting better at the coordination and remembering routines.

The #pole we have started doing routines #sorethighs #poledancing

#hoop we did some more routines #soreback #aerialhoop some amazing moves.

@flyawayaerialstudio #lisburn #tanyacheung #aerial #pole #aerial #silks

Easter 🐣

Kids are off school yeah let’s have lots of fun.

Sure if you don’t have to work and have lots of money an average day out with 2 kids will cost you at least £50 x 2 weeks £700 that a cheap foreign holiday.

So yeah I was working the main days so the kids had some family time they did a #cadbury Easter egg house at #ardess house outside fresh air and cheap of course. There were also #animals #maskmaking #artsandcrafts and lots of picture opportunities a cheap day out with a #picnic and a #park.

They also visited the #planetarium #armagh there is an #interactive #space show as well as #artsandcrafts and all indoors if it’s #raining.

So I missed out on the fun but I did get a #selfie with the #easterbunny at #ikeabelfast where we had lots of family fun as always.

Holly got involved in our #easter activities #shihtzu #puppy

#eggpainting #shortbread making and #biscuitsdecorating #carrotcake #healthy recipe and an #easter egg trail

#recipe @lovingitvegan.com

Spring in your step

Finally spring is on its way I got out for a run sun shining vit D lots of endorphins from the sun and exercise.

Need to build my fitness back up back to hoop and pole learnt a few new moves and lots of new bruises.

Have managed to get the kids out to the park twice lots of exercise and fresh air for us all.

Called into #Hillsborough park

on way home from a birthday party in #w5 I have to say I was impressed with the new indoor play place, love the climb it and the new augmented reality, were there all day kids had a ball and great thing is there’s something for kids of all ages.

Car was in the driving seat taking her friends out for the day.

Went out for lunch to a hidden gem #sleepyhollow a mix of contemporary dining mixed with tradition. Very quaint homely gem with a traditional meat heavy menu but the miniature #desserts and the #waitress who served us made it amazing especially for the kids very welcome and homely.

#cremebrulli is now my fav dessert

Full up after all this so had a healthy #veg and #cheese dip snacks

#busy weekend #Single mom

Kids finished for Easter but forgot to make an #easter bonnet for Cara’s nursery so half an hour before we had to leave had to pull this together

About to leave then had a thought does she need to wear her uniform checked note no so quick outfit change before running out the door 10 mins late but hey I got them both to school and nursery and made an Easter bonnet so not a complete failure I managed to bring it all together in the end how do I do it same as the rest of the mums out there at the last minute, by the skin of my teach and now and again I’m late or forget a non uniform day or to make something, sign a note, sign the homework, iron their uniform, pack their bag the night before, give them for the works book day, swimming, disco, break the rules day the list goes on, no wonder we forget something now and again, how do we do it because we’re #moms and are kids will always come first and we will all do our best. We’re not perfect, you may not believe that, the immaculate ones who seem to always get it right and have it all isn’t always the case, we can put our face on to go out and appear the perfect mom but we all have things going on in our lives, ups and downs so don’t judge anyone or have preconceptions about people but how they look or act. We all have our masks we put on everyday to ensure our kids get to where they are supposed to and live a happy and full life. Being a parent is never easy and we all do the best we can none of us our perfect it’s what makes us who we are and the world so diverse.

#single moms #dads #moms and #grandparents raising kids you’re amazing and doing a brilliant job just look at what you’re doing and those amazing little beings who amaze us everyday and a cuddle a kiss and make all our worries slip away for that second our worlds would be so empty and boring without them #kidsareamazing

Constant pickers wear big knickers

This is what they say and it’s true. I prepare food and pick as I go along, the kids food is sitting there a few bits of chicken left or chips and I can’t bear to throw out so I eat them, I open something for the kids and I sample it before I give it to them or help them out by eating all the little broken bits.

I know this is what I do but how do I stop?????

It’s hard you just have to not pick at anything or have some carrot sticks on hand if I need to nibble but best is to just go cold turkey and better to not nibble at anything.

This was my brekkie some nice frozen fruit heated up on the pan then mix in some museli and seeds and some natural yogurt over the top yum like a berry crumble.

I am taking control back trying not to nibble and back to my workouts and class. We did some pole and some silks this was a hard one you have to fling yourself over to the side let curl in and the silk should hold you took me a while.

Back to T25, running and insanity workouts as well as some weights but due to the awful weather only got out once. Have dropped a few pounds and stomach muscles getting tighter my stomach was killing me by the end of the week they were some tough workouts.

Made some chickpea treats.

Soak chickpeas overnight then boil for an hours.

Put in oven and roast for 40 mins approx

Melt some dark choc mix the chickpeas in and with spoon put them on a tray you can then sprinkle some chai seeds pumpkin seeds or coconut flakes over whatever you want a food choc fix which in low in fat and high in protein and crunchy and easy to make.

Finally got my hair done always boosts my confidence and makes me feel good if only it lasted.

I’m back

So you may have noticed I disappeared for a few weeks and no I didn’t die and someone has stolen my identity.

I had this really bad flu that was going about completely knocked me for six. Never had flu so bad completely killed my energy and appetite, felt so unwell and so lethargic. Being a single mom is no fun, even when your sick you have to drag yourself out of bed, make your kids presentable, make sure they have what they need, fed and then drive them to school. Hard enough when you are well but when you feel like you have been hit by a bus it’s horrendous.

So I was off for 2 weeks, house was a mess, I was a mess, didn’t wash for days, I even went outside with no make up this is a first for me never have I done this but I felt so unwell I didn’t care and didn’t have the energy to put on any make up.

For 2 weeks I loved my jammies, my sunglasses to hide my black eyes and lack of make up and my ugg boots especially as we had the big snowfall as well, I ran out of oil before the big snow and storm and Cara had the chicken pox really bad too.

So I managed to keep us warm, fed and get Mya to school and home again, that’s all that matters.

I didn’t get to have any fun in the snow and it’s the most we’ve had for years. I didn’t get to exercise which was fine first week as I felt so nauseous second week I have just pigged out especially ending with My mums birthday, Mother’s Day and Mark’s birthday.

We had fun with fruit and managed a walk in the last of the snow once I got some energy back.

Saturday was the first day I felt better and actually wanted to get up and to exercise I even woke early as well and felt motivated again to clean the house (on my god) I know haven’t been up for cleaning for months and also had to leave Cara to a party.

Made my mum and Mark a joint birthday cake death by chocolate fudge cake omg it was amazing recipe from


Mother’s Day was amazing I had all of my girls with me breakfast made for me, beautiful hand made cards and gifts.

The best gift of all is just being a mother, I love my girls so much they are my world and I would do anything for them. Yes it would be nice for someone to arrange something for me for Mother’s Day make me a meal, take me out for one, arrange some spa treatments but the best presents are always the home made gifts and the kisses and hugs that keep you going everyday.

To all the mums, single mums and grandmothers who are doing it the second time around, being a mother is a hard job especially on your own but so rewarding that bond with your kids and watching they grow as you nurture them and provide for all their needs and can look at them and know that you created these amazing kids and made them into what they are today.

Everyday is Mother’s Day.

Over indulgence done, recovery from sickness, energy levels and mood back up, motivation back up and fat cells restored to above normal.

Back to healthy diet and exercise again recon I’ve put on weight feeling uncomfortable in my clothes being on spring and summer so I can get outside breath in the air and take in the sun rays. Last week the sun was out but all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet sick of the snow need some heat and sunshine, playing in the garden, trips to beach and lots of fun.

So hopefully I will get back on track with life take back control and show you how you too can take control and change your mindset and diet.