Savvy shopper

Like most women I love to shop especially clothes as I enjoy the buzz when I shop especially when you suffer from depression it oftent comes an addiction as when we shop dopamin is realised which gives us a real high and feel good factor so that’s why it’s so addictive.

I will share some of the things I ha e picked up along the way to help enjoy the shopping with less expense.


if you shop a lot online sign up to topcashbAck as you will earn money every time you spend online you just put the retailer in you’re shopping with it will record your visit and will show you how much you will earn so you can save up for that expensive treT you would feel guilty about buying yourself.

if you like designer goods but not the prices sign up for your favourite retailers newsletters and you will be the first to be invited to their sales. Also there are some good designer discount websites great for bags shoes and furniture,, and foreizi.